Marui M&P

TM have now released their long-awaited M&P GBB as of yesterday (August 1st). We should be seeing these outside of Japan really soon.

Worth sharing is this video is from a YouTube channel of a guy in Japan who posts videos of himself shooting airsoft guns:

I’ve heard that there were already aftermarket metal slides being built in other parts of Asia, prior to the release date. This should be good…

The following product description is a terrible Google translation of the Japanese text on Echigoya’s website ( – they are already sold out:

As the name suggests, the S & W, Inc., developed aiming at the adoption of the police and the military “M & P” is a model with a reputation for design in pursuit of operability and solid mechanism. 
Gas blowback “M & P 9”, among the M & P model variations there are many, reproduce the 9mm caliber model with Sam Safe-Deposit of manual expression. Based on the data obtained by measuring, the type take the real thing in the United States, shapes and sizes, of course, I have to increase the reproducibility of attention to detail, such as engraved or embossed. ● large-diameter cylinder adoption: The filling of the gas fire and blow-back to the cylinder to become the diameter 15mm. I realized blowback a powerful performance and live-fire stable.● Sam Safe-Deposit and slide stop of ambiguous type: operation is possible from either side, I do not choose the dominant arm. ● Palms well included: three types of S / M / L is attached. You can adjust the size of Palms wells grip the rear of the (bulge). ● Safety: Two equipped with a safety device of two Sam Safety and Safe-Deposit trigger. I prevent accidental discharge from dropping or Ayamai. ● Equipped with under rail: The rail under integrated with the frame, such as a flash light Picatinny standard (20mm width) corresponding can be mounted. ● die-cast magazine: 25 Number of weapon and shot, magazine die-cast strong in cold comes. Total length: 194mm gun Height: 90 mm ​​(if fitted with a empty magazine) 620g: weight HFC134a gas: power source Capacity: (1 shot if it was loaded into the main body) 25 + 1 shot variable hop up system equipped semi-automatic (single) only launch target

I can’t wait to get one for myself, here in Canada.


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