Partizan Oversuit

I had a whole thing written up on my phone a few days ago, but apparently the WordPress Mobile App hates me and refused to post it.

In a nutshell, this happened again:


Oh, Russian Partizan pattern, how I have missed owning you!

Years ago, I used to be a part of a local team that ran this pattern as their thing. The rarity of finding these garments outside of Russia, combined with the language barrier of attempting to order any oversuits directly from Russia, meant that this camouflage used to be a little more exclusive than it seems to be now.


I mean, despite totally not running any Russian kit, we still looked totally awesome in this photo. Upon my departure from said team a few years ago, I didn’t feel right about wearing the team camo after I had left and thus I went ahead and sold it. From the moment that I met up with the buyer, I knew I would regret that decision – other than being rather effective at fields within my region, I just love the look of the pattern itself.

I was very excited to get the recent opportunity to acquire a new set in a trade. I did end up getting a set from a different factory… I don’t remember what “8thArmy” explained to me in this regard. I’m not the most well-versed when it comes to Russian kit – there are plenty of local guys who know a ton more than I do (some of them are actually in the above photo). Please feel free to correct me in that likely event that I get the wrong facts here.

Several features are similar across both the previous set I owned, as well as the one I now have:

Reversible construction – subdued pattern on the inside.


Baggy cut, from what I understand these are designed to be worn as an oversuit.

Elastic cuffs on the sleeves, pant waistband and pants.


Buttons everywhere as is required (with exception of a few drawstrings) – no zippers or velcro.


But I also see a few features that I didn’t have on my prior suit:

Belt loops on the pants – despite having the elastic waistband and drawstring on both sets, these are a welcome change.


Actual side-opening front pockets on the pants, rather than just a slit cut into the side of the pants. While the slit made sense for accessing pockets underneath the oversuit, it wasn’t as useful since items could potentially totally miss the pants pocket if in a rush.

Mesh material on sides of hood allow for more comfortable wear in warmer weather.


Integrated loops on the shoulders and hood, for attachment of foliage and the like to further enhance concealment (though I will rarely use this feature, its kind of cool to have them).


I’m not entirely sure what these loops are for, and I doubt I will use them as such. Sleeves have similar loops on them. Perhaps they are just put there for making getting the suit on a little easier.


Never seen crotch blowout on these (either version) as is common on many US BDU. Not entirely sure why, but this neat little 45 degree stitch across the seam may have a part to do with it. I don’t recall my other set having this, but its possible that its there.


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