Op Iceback 2.0: Prep #1

Sorry that we’ve been a little quiet around here lately (not sure where my co-writers have gone). Myself, I’ve been rather busy myself with work… but mainly just getting this going:

Here are my prelimary thoughts of what to bring for 2014’s Operation Iceback (referred as Op. Iceback 2.0 by some) game up at Golden, BC.


There are a few missing items for sure… namely hydration, foodstuffs, jacket and PTW. Oh, that PTW… man, was that an expensive headache to get off the ground with a relatively simple solution after all (but more on that will be up at a later date).

This is just a preliminary packing list, as is laid out on my living room floor for the time being; I’m sure I’ll have more changes over the next week and a half as I remember other things I should bring for the 24+ hours I’ll probably be on the field for.

Tell me your thoughts

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