GHK AK Update: Sear Failure

Let me preface this by saying that I knew this would eventually happen, thanks to Thomas for letting me know about this in advance. He had a rough round count that he told me about, but I actually don’t remember what it was at this time – easily over 1-2k shots by now. Having a Hephaestus steel sear on hand in anticipation of this sure did come in handy.


Easy enough to install – there are guides out there on manufacturer (YouTube) channels… can’t remember if it was a Samoon or Hephaestus video off the top of my head though. Getting the E clip out does require tools, but other than that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I was expecting it to be.

I did encounter a broken spring that sits below the sear though. This is what ultimately caused my gun to stop shooting. I actually got a few hundred rounds using semi only (the back part of the sear is what allows the GHK to shoot full auto), after the failure but before the gun stopped shooting altogether. I ended up just digging around a parts bin of mine for a similar sized spring and chopping it to length to replace this.

I would have to say that it was easier to work on than WE M4 trigger group, but more difficult to access since there wasn’t a trigger box to pull out in one assembly – that being said, if you can manage a KWA/KSC MP7, this is a piece of cake.

The only other repair/upgrades I’ve had to do to my GHK is an OEM replacement bolt buffer, a Prowin hop chamber (plastic chamber cracking too fast for my tastes – and the Prowin was a drop in fit, luckily), and an aftermarket hop bucking (still testing to see if I can find one that has good air seal and doesn’t get chewed up in a few hundred rounds). I’ll likely end up grabbing a tightbore to squeeze a little bit more FPS out down the road… but as it stands now, my GHK actually shoots pretty straight and far, and is good on gas as is. Everything functions much smoother after the intial break in period (about the same amount of time that it took to finally break my GHK’s sear) – I’m no longer plagued by “over pressure” issues of filling mags full and choppy fire rate/jams now.

2 responses to “GHK AK Update: Sear Failure

  • nailz420

    Happend to my 105. A metal piece fell out a while ago and I had no idea where it was from. Recently more pieces fell out and then the gun started shooting full auto in semi. Thats when I knew something important broke. Perhaps using CO2 mags contributed.

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