New gameplay video up

I do apologize that there hasn’t been much activity here on Overhoppers in the past month – I’ve been fairly busy myself and it seems as if the other authors are as well.

But as a quick something to post for you guys, I just finally got around to looking through some of my Contour footage for the first time since May or so. Here’s the first of at least 2-3 videos to come from Omega Ops game days over the summer… Operation Iceback footage will eventually make it through, as well.

For reference, the song is not mine: Coldplay – Clocks (Rogue Dubstep Remix)… damn “Jester” has gotten me started on listening to a bunch of EDM, as a result of overhearing him practice for his DJ gigs.

I decided to try a different camera angle that day, as you can observe in the latter half of the video. I have my Contour Roam 2 rigged up on a Contour pic’ rail adaptor, mounted upside down on the right side of my PTW CQBR rail. Right side of the rail lets the camera get a good angle on anything I’m shooting at, and upside down orientation (+1 for the rotating camera lense assembly – genius idea on Contour’s part) allows the camera to mostly clear my repro Scoutlight that is mounted on an offset mount up high. No dummy cord as I couldn’t find a good place to tie it down and it seems to be fairly secure on there despite the Contour rail mount being some sort of plastic, hence the lanyard end on my Contour tends to flop around and make a whole bunch of annoying noise.

I ran my PTW through many extended strings of fire that my motor was starting to get a ton of carbon build up to the point of not quite working right anymore. By the end of this video clip, I was running mostly full-auto since my chips weren’t responding on semi anymore (from my experience in my PTW, I find this is usually a blinking LED error code relating to carbon build up in the motor) – probably not the best idea to keep shooting it, but it turned into some pretty slick full-auto PTW footage, if I may say so myself.

Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain this was the day that my Celcius “495” motor (formerly a mystery on the origins of that motor, until we saw a photo of a previous gen Celcius motor and recognized it as being similar) finally crapped out on me. That was not a bad motor, especially for the low price tag that they go for. Plenty of torque, though it could get a little hot after a mag of semi-auto PTW spamming – but still better than FCC crap in the end, and can be had for quite a few pennies less.


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