Return to CQB

I recently made my return to the only CQB venue around here, Richmond Indoor Paintball, for the first time in a year.

I’ve got a video from that day coming soon, but in the meanwhile, here’s part of my loadout that I working with for RIP (the next game there is tonight):


  • Systema PTW with MK18 Mod1-inspired upper – 4 mags
  • KJW G23 with clone X300 – 4 mags, Safariland Clip-On Holster
  • ACM MICH TC 2001
  • Flyye LT6094, AOR1 (-ish), equipped with the following:
    • FFI Triple M4 Magazine Inner Pouch, CB
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (right side is for utility – BB loader or flashlight)
    • EI Admin Pouch, MJK (mainly used to carry spare batteries for my primary & lights, also carries a few small bits)
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (left side front mounted for single pistol magazine)
    • BFG Ten Speed Double Pistol Magazine Pouch, Multicam

My thoughts that went into this load out are detailed after the break.

Definitely a touch of NSW inspiration going on here… seeing as how more current Navy SEAL kits are generally not practical for the way I play most outdoor games as those dudes usually run pretty slick, it made sense to use those bits of kit that I had to work towards a NSW kit to run with FTB (now defunct, *sadface*) to put together a make-believe “door kicker” load out to use for playing in a CQB environment.

I’m toying with the idea of how to carry another couple of mags – I found that the 3+1 (short-loaded due to larger BB size that I’m using for CQB, 0.25g to lessen pain) magazines wasn’t enough for longer games. Even stuffing 2 extra mags into the integrated cummerbund pouches in the 6094 design didn’t quite cut it for a 40 minute run-and-gun game. I may end up either carrying 2 mags on my HSGI leg panel with 2 HSGI TACO’s, but I’ve also been playing with the idea of mounting a spare BFG Ten Speed Triple on the back of the PC. Running out of mags to spam that semi was a bit disappointing – pistols are fun and all, but it is just easier to shoot with an optic and higher magazine capacity.

I run my PTW on a Systema M90 spring, installed in the only working cylinder that I have on hand at the moment. This, paired with an Orga 6.13, MAG Curve Roller and Tamashi Bio 0.25g ammo are giving me results that are probably exceeding my ability as a shooter to the furthest range in RIP. I’m certain that if I were to run a more consistent BB, I could probably have even better results – but these affordable BBs will do the trick for short-range shooting as tighter groups probably aren’t too useful anyway. That being said, a smaller-sized BB would definitely fit better into my Systema mags with aftermarket MAG Strong Springs installed – I currently do have reduced magazine capacity due to the way that these ~5.96mm stack into my mags, not to mention the minor feeding issues with a couple of my older inner mags.

Despite not being particularly fond of Glock design in general, I do find that the ability to carry a sidearm with mounted light is one of the most useful choices for a field like RIP. Dimly lit inside the warehouse, with absolutely no extra lighting inside the various structures (some of which have 2 floors & ceilings) makes for a hard time seeing what could be hiding in the dark. Being that things can get a little hectic in there during some of the games, being able to clearly ID your targets before shooting can be useful if one doesn’t feel like shooting players on your team all night long – a light is a quick way to visibly check if the person in question is looking to shoot you/towards you or not. While perhaps not the best tactic for this, as it can give away both your position and the position of the player that you’re checking on, but there isn’t too much else that I’ve found to be as effective for this role, given that the other players present may not be carrying easily visible markers. I’ve really come to enjoy using my cheap & simple KJ G23 with few internal upgrades as it does its job as a secondary quite well – though it may not shoot as straight or as far as an original Marui pistol is easily capable of, it has decent gas consumption while still running a stronger metal slide than the TM’s come equipped with. Some simple personalization (stippling, minor grip reduction, addition of GripForce clone by Guarder) to the exterior of the gun allows for a more comfortable feel for me in a tactical sidearm.


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