BB Testing

A little something that I’ve had the priveledge of working on at my job – my request for heavier weight, cost effective, (hopefully) highly consistent, biodegradable BB… that actually works in my more picky guns (e.g. PTW, KSC P226). While I have done this for a number of different manufacturers of BB before, both in the search for OEM or “good” brands to carry for this company and my previous employer, I haven’t yet had the chance to make actual requests to change the specs of the ammo.

Checking quality on these & comparing them to other BBs at work looked a little something like this:


Thanks go to “Kampfer” for imparting some of his detailed take on airsoft tech stuff to me… keyword – some. (He takes this to a whole new level.)

For the moment, I’m checking size at the moment to see if it feeds in PTW & KSC/KWA guns (that I own). Roundness can also be guessed at by checking measurements from a few different planes on each BB. Consistency of size of each BB is also a factor, though seems to be pretty good in this batch on most of the different varieties. BB weighing and consistency of such will be tested later – and then everything comes together when I go game these for the first time.

Ammo varieties above 0.30g usually come in different colours – I was hoping to get everything in white as it is easier to watch where my shots are flying… as it turns out, they are now in my hands. I don’t run a highly accurate one shot one kill rifle, so the whole thing of being able to fire a slow BB and not have my opponents figure out that I’m shooting at them via a white blur isn’t of importance to me. Being able to quickly and easily dial my hop & optic on a given ammo weight & brand are definitely of more importance to me – white makes that much easier.

Alas, my search for the next PTW friendly biodegradable 0.30g and heavier BBs has not yet ended here… too bad Green Devils are impossible to find at the moment.

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