Flyye Warranty

No photo(s) today – just a story about a surprising good warranty policy from a repro company in China.

Apparently, China repro company Flyye Industries offers a lifetime warranty policy on at least their pouches, that puts even some of the bigger US tactical gear companies to shame (cough, cough, LBT – “since you purchased the item from another souce, it is not covered under our warranty” is a load of crap).

I have had a Flyye AN/PRC-148 MBITR Pouch in CB for the better part of 3 years that had a slight defect in the stitching out of the packaging on one of the PALS rows – I figured that it was cheap and that Flyye was unlikely to do anything about it, sp I went ahead and used it on one of my chest rigs. It finally became apparent that the last corner of that webbing that was hanging by a thread just didn’t offer me the stability that most MOLLE woven pouches should offer – and so I decided to contact Flyye to see what they could do.

Bob Yu, Overseas Sales Manager from Flyye, handled my warranty request that began on March 16. Once they saw pictures of the failed stitch, and had verification that my pouch bore Flyye tags, the replacement process began.

Before I go onward here, I would like to state that despite Bob from Flyye being very helpful, the lead time on their production batches resulted in a wait of close to 5 months. That’s incredibly long for most gear manufacturers, but being as how I didn’t even realize Flyye had a warranty at first, anything was better than having to get a broken PALS webbing stitched up on my own.

As a matter of fact, Flyye ended up sending me a whole new pouch, hot off the factory line. More than a couple of the (better) US manufacturers I have dealt with in the past about warranty issues do exactly the same for international customers, as the costs associated with shipping back and forth of a defective product often can run high.

Bob actually gave me the choice to contact the retailer that I had purchased my Flyye MBITR pouch from and get them to send me a replacement first, once he realised that they were out of stock of them in CB at Flyye – kudos to him for taking that extra step. I did decline that offer though, more just out of sheer curiosity on Flyye’s warranty policy.

And sure enough, after a month of them losing track of my email & shipping address, my pouch was shipped out via DHL Express – very fast shipment indeed. I was honestly quite impressed with the fact that they sent me a single, warranty-replacement pouch via a courier service (6 days at that, all the way from China). I suppose some clone companies may actually value & support their customers after all – very surprising that they are stepping up their game, despite their more budget-end on the pricing scale.

Once again, a big thank you to Bob & Flyye – you’ve won yourselves a customer’s heart with just this one pouch.


2 responses to “Flyye Warranty

  • Anonymous

    What is you opion of pantac

    • juicy

      I own/have owned a significant amount of Pantac CB and slightly less Flyye CB over the years. I will base my opinions on these, despite having owned a couple of pouches from both companies in different colours.

      Pantac’s colours are a little off than what I would have expected on say an EI piece. This difference is not unexpected for a clone though. IMO Flyye does a better job at representing CB as per Eagle.

      On that note, Pantac’s colours have changed at least once in the last 3 years – while the difference itself isn’t significant, I do wonder the reason why they changed from batch to batch.

      Actual quality of material and stitching – I prefer Flyye myself as everything feels a little stiffer/thicker like 1000D Cordura should – personal preference when it comes to pouches, I like mine to stay somewhat more open rather than being thinner & lighter. Not sure what material Pantac is using, but I have had an issue with an older pouch of theirs unravelling (China made after all, so I wasn’t surprised) & had no response in regards to a RMA request.

      In regards to warranty (AFAIK Pantac doesn’t offer a warranty), I was shocked that Flyye actually offered a warranty – this is very uncommon amoung China made companies, and this is why I will be going Flyye over Pantac, if I have to pick.

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