Montage #1 – Airsoft Summer 2014

I’m slogging my way through weekly Contour footage dating as far back as May (I really should have gotten on top of this sooner). I’ve slimmed the remaining footage down to about 5 hours worth of clips from local airsoft games during the second half of the summer (Montage #2), then that video will be followed by footage from Operation Iceback 2.0 (Montage #3) – finally. Irregardless, here is part 1:

Venues where these clips were shot include Panther Paintball, a friend’s private indoor airsoft range, and North Shore Paintball.

Guns are all upgraded and include Tokyo Marui SCAR-H MK 17 Recoil Shock AEG, WE M4A1 Open Bolt GBBR, Umarex/VFC HK416 AEG, KJ KP-07 1911 GBB, GHK AK-74 GBB, KJ G23 GBB, and a friend’s L85 AEG.

Music is not mine: Tritonal – Satellite (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)


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