Hello World: Introduction to Goggles

Hey all,

As some of you may know, in the Airsoft Community, I’m Goggles, and have been playing airsoft for little over three years now with the community most of the Overhopper writers come from. Although I have gone through other names such as, Brick, or to some, Googles. If there are any more, I haven’t bothered to even mention them as I probably haven’t heard them. I stopped asking questions a while back.

While I may not be as tech-savvy as the rest of the writers here on Overhoppers, or even own the amount of gear I know some of the writers have procured over the past few years, I have owned enough airsoft primaries to say I can at least mark what I define as quality and what I believe is just an awful excuse for a build (to which there are a few manufacturers that fall under this category), and I think that’s where my knowledge lies. Some guns I use on a daily basis (game-days) and some others are in pieces, waiting for me to figure out what I should do with them.

But that’s what makes and breaks the hobby for me at this point in time in my airsofting career. It’s the tuning part of the process of the hobby that makes airsoft interesting for me, it being a constant money sink for me for the past three years. Buying news parts to throw into the guns, or even just buying another gun just for the sake or working on it. Either way, I have gone through more guns than I cared to imagine, and now am excited to bring that knowledge to the forefront.

There are a plethora of primaries I want to write about, so put the seat belt on and be prepared to listen to a young kid go on and on about the little things on rifles that you probably could care less about. Or even less about what I’m doing inside the gearboxes of said rifles.




Tell me your thoughts

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