6 Seconds

Latest addition to a Glock-ish project I’ve been working on – HM “ALG DEF” G17 Mount in DE. image Installation isn’t exactly quick, but once it sure is solid once its on there. And the “DE” isn’t quite as bad as I had feared I would get, but it isn’t exactly a great colour either. Typical China clone in this sense – when it comes to anything other than black, they just can’t get the colour right. image This is the primary reason for purchasing this mount – fixed mount for dot sight. As cool as RMR cut slides are, they aren’t terribly practical for airsoft GBB usage as all that extra weight on an undersized nozzle is likely to result in pitiful gas efficiency (no big surprise there). Also, I’ve shot a slide mounted RMR on my buddy’s (real) Glock 17, and found that the learning curve to figure out how to pick up the dot was a little too much for me. image Only problem being that the HM ALG magwell doesn’t work with WE standard magazines and WE frame – will probably dremel this out for the time being, but that being said, the flat baseplates will sit a little deeper inside the skirt than photos of the real ALG Defense product – not an ideal solution, but the added mass (as minimal as it may be) and forward lip on the magwell (very comfortable) are a little too inviting to not try out for myself. image The one thing that I have yet to figure out is what light to use. I’m so used to having pistol light switches midway up the trigger guard, that having something that rides as low as this just isn’t working right for me. image


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