Collection: Part 1

Since Facebook’s privacy settings suck, I decided not to share this one to a public group that my buddy “Loops” runs (Airsoft Photography), due to not wanting to freak out my non-airsoft friends with this small arsenal. Now that I’ve already set up for the photo & taken it, I might as well share it somewhere.

And so, may I present to you: my (gaming) AEG collection.


This does not include GBB, NBB, springers, or AEG that are either in pieces or strictly for collection purposes. They just wouldn’t all fit on my table if I crammed in all my pistols too, so this will have to suffice for part #1.

Yes, I admit to having a problem.



6 responses to “Collection: Part 1

  • Goggles

    Dog. I think we all do… you’re not alone.


  • Anonymous

    What peq 15 would your recommend

  • Anonymous

    Best green laser ,durability and best pressure switch

    • juicy

      Not sure when it comes to repro variants with green lasers myself. That being said, there is no be-all and end-all single unit.

      I am not sold on the “durability” of these as I’ve thus far managed to kill every airsoft repro PEQ-15 I’ve owned, and I’ve owned a variety of the brands (single CR123A types only thus far, haven’t gotten my hands on the new two cell FMA models yet). Fixing them wasn’t that big of a chore for me, presuming that it’s just an electrical connection that dies & you’re comfortable taking the plunge into disassembly and soldering tiny contacts, but I’d just much rather not have to do it in the first place. Note that you do have a significantly lesser chance of getting a lemon out of the box with a VFC unit, but may not fit your needs as VFC offers red laser only.

      I generally don’t use pressure switches for lasers, but for a compatible switch, I personally like the Element ones quite a bit (PEQ-16A, M3X Long Gun) as they do not have the hard plastic backing & thus can be jammed into tight spaces to without needing to glue them in place.

      I mainly just use mine for the look of it all; I haven’t spent enough time actually shooting with lasers as most local players throw a hissy fit when they get lasered. I myself refuse to mount empty battery boxes because I think that’s just silly. But on that note, if I had to choose a functional visible laser unit to shoot with out of all those that I own, I would actually install & dial in my G&P PEQ-II repro… much better product all around, as are the other G&P laser products that I’ve handled & tested personally (DBAL, PAQ-IV lookalikes).

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