Operation: Iceback 2.0 Footage

My footage from UCSG’s Operation: Iceback 2.0 from August 22-24, 2014.

Some occasional foul language. If you happen to have children around, I recommend the technique of “earmuffs” (as per the movie Old School):

But without further ado, onto the part that you’re actually here for:

Part 1: “Chasing Ghosts”

Part 2: (I haven’t thought of a cool name for this yet, since this was mostly those of us BC players screwing around)

Part 3:  “Come Get Us”

All in all, better run than last year’s Operation: Iceback. Props to UCSG for keeping everything more or less on track for the full period of time this year, as keeping that many people of differing mindsets & skill levels on task for a paid recreational event is no easy feat. Still just as fun for the sake of being able to hang out with my Airsoft buddies for hours on end, but a slightly disappointing amount of action throughout the first two nights & first day – Tan Team (“ISAF”) didn’t really bring the fight to us Green Team (“Op-For”) as they were supposed to… the game was written as an attack (ISAF) & defend (Op-For) Mil-Sim after all.

Following OP Iceback 2.0, I know I was hoping for the opportunity to get to play the attacking role for once, next year… but so far, I’ve been hearing rumors that the game may change entirely. While I’m slightly disappointed that the BC-majority of players that have showed up as the Op-For for the past two years won’t get our own chance to steam roll the other guys while in their shoes, I can see why the organizers want to change things up towards a more balanced game that doesn’t depend so much on larger-scale team cohesion (which is why I believe our guys have dominated the past two Iceback events, despite both of the games having mechanics that stacked the odds against us).


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