Tak -> The hiatus is over.

It has been a long time since I made a post. Over the past few months work and life have been crazy, but now that my schedule is settling down it means one thing, more time for airsoft.

So what has happened since I made my last post? In short, a lot. New guns, new gear and a new team. To see how the armoury has changed over the past year check out my write up after the break.


The last time I posted on the blog I had picked up the LCT AS-VAL, a great gun, which after a short lifetime I ended up trading to my teammate Goggles for an LCT AK-74u. Nothing wrong with the AS-VAL, I just have always loved the compact form of the 74u platform. LCT guns have great externals and internals so the trade was a no brainer.

LCT AK-74u


In addition to trading away the LCT AS-VAL, I sold off my Echo 1 Wolverine. Why? Because I try to keep my armory streamlined. Every gun needs to have a specific function and use. While both AKs performed well, the LCT had a build better build quality than the Echo 1. Selling off the Echo 1 opened up some cash for more airsoft purchases. Farewell Wolverine, you served me well.


In the realm of sidearms, nothing changed. I’ve been running the TM Glock 17 I received as a birthday present from my girlfriend (best girlfriend ever) since I got it and haven’t looked back. The only modifications I’ve made to the gun was replacing the lower plastic frame with an improved Guarder lower frame. The main reason for making this modification was to improve the gun’s longevity. As my teammate Turtle pointed out, the TM plastic lowers will start cracking under normal use with green gas pretty quickly. I ran the gun for a few months prior to the modification and when I made the swap it was noticeable how many cracks and fractures had begun to form. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I continued running it.

Tokyo Marui Glock 17


Lastly and most recently was the latest addition to the gun roster, the Umarex M27 IAR. It’s a beast of a gun, solid as a rock and I’m looking forward to running it. As I said before, every gun needs a place and the IAR is now the go-to riflemen loadout. My King Arms M4 is the DMR, the AK74u is my compact recce kit and now the IAR fits the standard template.

Umarex M27 IAR


Now onto the gear.


First and foremost, everyone in this sport despises their goggles fogging. There is no bigger downer to a game of airsoft, when you can’t see shit. So over the years I have explored many different ballistic and paintball goggles and finally found the solution. The Voodoo Tactical Thermal Goggles. In essence they are just a standard set of ballistic goggles, however the standard lenses have been replaced with thermal lenses, preventing a lot of the fogging you would normally get with single pane lenses. In almost a year of use, the goggles have only seriously fogged up once. Once. Overall amazing goggles, the set comes with clear, dark and yellow lenses for different conditions and will be my go to eye protection for the rest of my airsoft career.

Voodoo Tactical Goggles

After OP Iceback last year I only had my go to Chest rig, a Flyee replica of the LBT 1961A. A great rig that fits any role. However I missed having a plate carrier and a friend gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Ali, a great great man, offered to sell me his kitted out Mayflower APC. It came with all the bells and whistles so I took  him up on his offer. Ali had made three major additions to the rig which expanded its functionality and versatility. First off, Ali had clipped in the Haley Strategic D3 Chest rig to the front of the APC adding storage for mags, comms and whatever else was needed quickly.

Mayflower APC

Secondly, Ali had replaced the standard cummerbund with the First Spear cummerbund with tubes, adding to the comfort of the APC and the ability to quickly attach and detach when needed.


Mayflower APC

Lastly, he added the Tactical Tailor assault pack to the back of the plate carrier for more gear storage and a hydration bladder. Overall the kit had everything it needed to be effective immediately and I love it. To give it some form I recently picked up the PTS Replica Sapi plates which I have yet to use. These replicas are actually made from a dense foam instead of plastic so it will be interesting to see how their fare.

Mayflower APC

And lastly team updates,


Over the past few months members of my former team, Fox Company, along with myself were absorbed into Team Rice. A hilarious and amazing transition as when I first started airsoft back in 2011, Team Rice were the first members of the airsoft community to engage us, play alongside us and mentor us. Its an amazing opportunity to join a great team and with a new team comes new uniforms.


Team Rice runs a fairly unique camo pattern, PenCott Greenzone. This pattern works very well in the fields we commonly play in, lush forests. So shortly after being inducted I’ve started acquiring the pieces to the full uniform. When it comes to PenCott Greenzone, there are not a ton of suppliers making BDUs in that pattern. However one company in Europe, UF Pro, is making high end clothing in PenCott GZ. While it comes at a premium price the end result is a super high quality product. I have purchased a set of Striker XT camo pants from UF Pro and they are easily the highest quality and most comfortable set of pants I’ve ever worn. I’ve added pictures below but I’ll be doing a more thorough write up later.

UF Pro Striker XT Camo Combat Pants


Thanks for reading,

– Tak

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