Loadout -> Ambush May 31st

A quick look at the loadout I used this weekend at Ambush.

Loadout - May 31

Kit breakdown after the break.


  • Hat – UF Pro Boonie Hat
  • Top – UF Pro Striker XT Camo Combat Shirt
  • Bottom – UF Pro Striker Greenzone Combat Pants


  • Mayflower APC
  • Attached Haley Strategic D3 Chestrig


  • HSGI Cobra Riggers Belt
  • Replica Serpa Drop Leg Holster (Glock 17)
  • Arteryx LEAF Knee Caps
  • 5.11 Tactical Taclite 8″ Boots

2 responses to “Loadout -> Ambush May 31st

  • bishamon10

    Hey, I see you also use the excellent UF Pro gear. But why do you use the Arc’teryx knee protectors instead of the built in protectors?

    • tak

      Sorry for the slow response didn’t get a notification of the comment. I had the Arcteryx kneecaps prior to getting the UF Pro pants and still love the Arcteryx pads. Integral pads would be great though.

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