Upgrades -> Tokyo Marui Glock 17

My Glock 17 has operated almost perfectly since I initially received it close to two years ago. Out of the box, you can’t beat the performance of a TM Glock. But despite this initial perfection, there’s always that voice in the back of your head telling you it can perform better.

Tokyo Marui Glock 17

So onto what I’ve done to push performance and durability on my TM Glock 17.

To preface the upgrades, its really three simple upgrades anyone can do.

The first upgrade I did to my TM was replacing the original lower plastic from with one of the Guarder nylon fiber frames. Over the first year of use, unseen to me, the Glock’s lower frame began forming fractures and cracks throughout its body. Most of these you would never see unless you held it up close to a light or when disassembling it. My understanding is that most of this damage is caused by stress on the airsoft gun by using green gas (propane). TM’s are primarily designed for use with red gas (duster or whatever it’s called) which expands at a lower velocity. Using green gas put additional stress on the body which in turn caused the deterioration of the lower frame. Check below for the damage.

Both the front and rear post where the lower components are screwed in were shattered by using green gas. The rear post is when the gun finally failed, causing the hammer mechanism at the rear to dislodge. Run it until you break it.

I picked up a Guarder lower frame from a nearby store Milsig (pictured below) and proceeded to swap the internals over to the new frame. One resource which was very handy in this disassembly/reassembly was  LaZouche Custom Shop on youtube. He has videos of tons of gas blowback pistol reviews, disassembly and reassembly videos.

So far through testing, the new lower frame has held up very well to the stress of using green gas.

The second upgrade I acquired and installed was a FALCON 6.03 Precision Inner Barrel Set for Marui G17(pictured below) along with a Falcon hop up bucking. Recently the G17 hasn’t been firing as far as it used it, so I’m taking a leap with a new barrel and bucking. More details to come on its performance.

The barrel and bucking came as a package which I purchased for roughly $35 on Ehobbyasia. The entire set up came packaged in a solid plastic tube with rubber caps on each end which was nice to see.

The 6.03mm barrel is made of CNC Alloy Copper and based off of initial impressions is solid.

The bucking is made of a harder rubber and features a double point hop-up. The hope with this setup is that the double point, similar to the design of the PDI W-Hold, will stabilize bbs as they are fired increasing shot to shot accuracy.

The third and final upgrade I picked up was an ACTION Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide. Not that I need a stronger recoil spring, as my slide is made of plastic, but I wanted to play around with the cycle rate of the gun. One element I’ll need to monitor is the stress this puts on the slide. Usually these are designed to cycle metal slides due to the higher weight, so when looking at options I looked for a mid-range option. A spring that was stronger than what I currently had, but not one so strong it would shatter my slide. Below you will see two spring guides pictured, the one on the left is the stock recoil spring that came with the TM Glock, the one on the right is the Enhanced Recoil spring. There are noticeably more coils on the enhanced spring and the guide itself feels a lot heavier and solid.

As I get more experience with the barrel, hop-up and recoil spring I’ll post my experience with them.

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