M4 Restoration & Conversion

My King Arms Colt M4 has been one of my most trusted AEG primaries over the past three years. Over it’s life I’ve given it different paint jobs with different patterns,  I’ve tossed a variety of internals and external parts on it as needed but sometimes you need to reevaluate an AEGs purpose in your inventory and either refit it or sell it.

Hit the link to see how I gave an old gun new life.

So a few months ago I acquired another AR type AEG, a VFC M27 IAR. Great gun out of the box, haven’t even touched it internally, because there is no need to. But what that left me with was two long barreled AR type AEGs, both roughly fitting a DMR role. I didn’t want to sell the King Arms M4, because I’m sentimental, so I searched for a way to give it a new role within my personal armory.

What I came to was converting it to an MK18, a short barreled rifle, perfect for CQB environments. Sure I’d only be taking four inches off of the total length but to me as a man with incredibly short arms that means a lot.

My first step was ordering the necessary parts to convert it to an MK18. A Madbull Daniel Defense MK18 9″ rail system and a Madbull 10.3″ government barrel. I also ending ordering a bunch of other stuff because why not.

The second step was stripping the paint off of the gun and removing the existing barrel. Below is a picture of what the gun used to look like.

Blaster: KA M4

I had never stripped the paint off of an airsoft gun before so I was treading real careful. I wanted to strip the layers of spray paint off of the gun, but not damage the undercoat. The solution I found was EZ Strip, an eco friendly paint stripper.

EZ Strip Paint Remover

This was great as the stripper was vapor/fume free and there was no risk of a terrible corrosive burn. All I did was disassemble the gun into parts, spray the components with the stripper and let it sit. After 10-15 minutes, go back with a scrub brush or toothbrush and the paint just fell off. I was actually very surprised by how well this worked out.

Once all the paint was removed the next step was replacing the barrel and rail assembly. For the VFC E-Series URX disassembly was pretty straight forward. Unscrew the two set screws on the bottom of the rail, turn the rail counter clockwise to remove and then use a wrench to get the barrel nut off.

I was surprised how much crap had accumulated within the barrel nut. That had to be cleaned out and then it was time for the new parts.

After that I could install the new barrel and rails.

Andddd the finished product, a shorter M4.

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