Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Update

Even though I’ve been a little out of the game, I’m still buying stuff to further suit my tastes.

Once of my latest acquisitions is a set of these:


Yes… that is a set of the now discontinued TangoDown FN SCAR Extended Side Rails (FNS-ESR).


Installation was super simple – this is a photo taken from a quick test fit immediately after ripping open the parcel that they came in.

To my surprise, there was absolutely no fitting required. Even better than I had expected from looking at photos of real SCAR side rails and comparing those to my own TMk17!


The TangoDown FNS-ESR do not include fasteners, as these were designed to be compatible with the original FN hardware. No problem – makes my life easier to be able to keep using the Marui fasteners instead.


All holes in the receiver lined up just right – not overly tight, nor any wiggle. In fact, the FNS-ESR are quite possibly a better fit than the plastic factory-original side rails that come on the Marui.


(Please do excuse the potato camera photos – in my excitement to share this, I took these photos with the nearest digital camera I could find.)

(Recently purchased updates to my TM MK17 SCAR-H are the functional FMA LA-5C, and GG&G 30mm B-Comp Mount with piggy-backed Vector Optics red dot sight.)


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