MLCS Deployment Bag:






The scary part about this is that it isn’t even full.

As is, I could easily fit a second change of clothes and stripped MRE’s for sustinence. It could even be packed tighter to stuff more in there.

2 responses to “Bag-ception

  • babygsus

    I know right? You start out with a rifle, some ammo, your face protection, and maybe an extra battery, and then before you know it you’re taking TWO FULL bags of shit to your matches! It’s actually kind of funny how much stuff we think we HAVE to have and then there’s some guy with a Cybergun AK and some sunglasses just tearing it up on the battlefield!

    • juicy

      Well said!

      While I don’t bring even half of what I ended up stuffing in there for the sake of seeing how much I could pack in it, I would probably end up packing this much extra stuff for a game that is supposed to run over 24 hours (which is, without a doubt, excessive to what I would need).

      To be completely honest, I hadn’t fully realized how big this bag was actually going to be when I ordered it.

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