LCT PP-19-01 Preview

Our team has had a growing love affair with Russian gear and guns. I too have been swept up in this affair and recently picked up LCT’s latest addition to their Russian line, the PP-19-01.

Check the rest of the post to check out my initial impressions of the AEG.

Starting from the front of the AEG the PP-19 comes with an awesome muzzle brake up. At first when I ordered the AEG I didn’t pay much attention to it, but after seeing it in person up close its one of the best external parts on the gun. It gives the PP-19-01 an aggressive and authentic look. Moving past the muzzle brake, The PP-19-01 has standard AK front and rear sights as well as sporting a polymer handguard, basic but sleek. I already have plans to replace the lower portion of the handguard with an Asura Dynamics B-11 railed handguard for some attachment space.

Past the handguard the PP-19-01’s receiver is a standard AK type featuring the same safety and selector mechanism as pretty much every AK on the planet. It works so why change it?

The nice bonus to the PP-19-01 receiver is that it features a piticanny rail along the dust cover for optics in addition to the side mount for AK optics. Up top I’ve already mounted an Aimpoint T1 replica.

On the backend of the gun the PP-19-01 sports a folding skeleton stock. Simple but great.

Below the receiver the PP-19-01 has an AK-100 series grip made from polymer. A little larger than the standard AK 74 grips however it allows for a nice comfortable high position on the grip.

Moving slightly forward from the handgrip is where things get strange. The PP-19’s magwell. The PP-19-01 is chamber for a 9×19 round so the magwell has been adapted to accept 9mm magazines similar to the MP5 ( I doubt they are cross compatible). The mag release is also very similar to that seen on an MP5. The PP-19’s mags are low caps so each stores 50 bbs. The two mags that came with the AEG came connected with a metal device to stack them together. A nice pleasant surprise is that LCT sells the PP-19’s mags as a set of two with the fastener. So double STACK MAGS for DAYS.

Can’t wait to take this gun out for a gameday.

Thanks for reading.

  • Tak

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