Russia does Canada: Loadout for March 19th

It’s been a while since I posted on this site, but for all intents and purposes, I wanted to showcase some new gear that I’ve procured and really enjoyed wearing / using in the past few months.

More details after the break.

So as a result of wanting to be that guy, I started using more and more Russian kits outside of the team camouflage in question (purely experimentally) when I can. If anything, to see what else there is, and understanding why certain formations of Russian troops bother using said equipment. Russian equipment isn’t as popular, really because Russian kits can be an acquired taste, but I like using the equipment, and that’s cool.

The breakdown of my kit is as follows…

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU):

  • SSO/SPOSN Digital Flora Gorka (From GreyShop)
    • Gorka is great for fields where the player base don’t really abide by MED rules (Airsoft), so having something that’s relatively baggy helps alleviate pain.


  • SSO/SPOSN Jaeger Chest Rig (ChiCom inspired)
    • Russian Tourniquet wrapped around the bra strap
    • American Made Vietnam Era Light
    • SSO/SPOSN RS31 Webbing Belt
    • IMI Holster for Makarov (Not Pictured)
    • Medical Pouch (vertically mounted) to hold Makarov Mags
    • Random Dump Pouch w/ MOLLE (taken from a buddy of mine)
  • SSO/SPOSN Panama MDL (Bucket Hat in SS-Leto)
  • Solomon Mountain Boots (solid as hell)
  • SPLAV X-Form Kneepads

Blaster (Airsoft Marker):

  • LCT AS Val (Upgraded)
    • This, funny enough, is the second time I’ve own this. And bought because I really enjoyed the look of the rifle itself. It has been highly upgraded to my liking, and may do a write up later on down the road.
    • Russian Sling (issued)
  • (Not Pictured) LCT AKS74U
    • LCT PBS-4 Mock Suppressor
    • Russian Sling (issued)
  • (Not Pictured) KWA Makarov

All in all, I really do enjoy using Russian Equipment outside of Western styled setups. It’s personal preference, and I enjoy putting some of the theories of Russian equipment to the test, and understanding why it is in use.

A lot of what’s seen in the picture (outside of the boots, holster, Vietnam Light) are popular with Russian Troops, and a ton of reference material can be found on various sites if you plan to do an impression. And with the Canadian Dollar coming up slowly, it can be procured relatively cheap, with the same durability as the Russians normally rely on in the field (SPOSN and SPLAV develop equipment for Army Issue, so everyone is a step closer to becoming part of the ‘Polite People’).




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