TM VSR 10 G-SPEC – I’ve got the Novritsch bug

Ever since I started playing airsoft I always wanted to give bolt action spring rifles a try. There was something about the simplicity of their design and complexity to master that got me interested. For most of my airsoft career, up to this point, I had held back due to the price tag associated with getting a bolt action and upgrading it. There of course are plenty of budget paths to getting a rifle and slowly upgrading it. But I’m not really one for just dipping my toes in. If I see something I’m interested in, I’m either all in or not at all.

Finally after years of playing and recently watching many of Novritsch’s (airsoft sniper celebrity) videos I took the plunge.

My first step was picking up a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec. A local retailer had them in stock and I picked it up immediately. One of my major motivations for picking up a bolt action spring rifle was to learn to work with a new platform. In previous years most of my tech work has been limited to AEGs, Version  2 and 3, with some limited work maintaining and upgrading my GBB pistols. Taking on the challenge of upgrading and tuning a high end bolt action spring rifle was something I wanted to take on as a project for the year.

Initial impressions of the TM VSR-10 G-Spec are what you would expect with a Tokyo Marui product. The gun is predominantly made of plastic but the externals look great. The stock/body and barrel all come in a flat black colour with the cylinder/bolt being silver/chrome. I already have plans in my head of painting this gun down to help blend in with our field. Back to the gun itself, while it is made of plastic it isn’t a negative aspect as it makes the gun incredibly lightweight, perfect for the player that wants to move around a lot and not be weighed down by a heavy platform. In addition to being lightweight, the gun is incredibly short without it’s detachable suppressor, measuring in at just over three feet long without the suppressor. Having run it once already the gun is easy to handle and maneuver around with on the field.

In addition to the rifle itself the G-Spec comes with a detachable sound suppressor filled with foam to further reduce the noise the gun makes when it is fired. Hearing is truly believing when you are racking and firing this gun. The bolt pull is incredibly smooth and the noise made by firing this gun is almost inaudible. Initially the G-Spec comes at standard Japanese velocities, the guns fires just above 300 fps out of the box with 0.20g bbs. With the suppressor on, the sound signature this gun makes when it fires is incredibly quiet. It’s hilarious how quiet this gun is. One thing to note though, is if you’re planning to increase it’s velocity, which I am, that sound signature will increase. This of course is still minor compared to an AEG firing.

Performance out of the box is also what you would come to expect with a Tokyo Marui product. Even at it’s initial 300 fps the gun shoots flawlessly. Using .25 and .28g bbs the gun shoots like an arrow, incredibly accurate and consistent. However due to its low velocity, you run into two issues: 1) you don’t get the range of other platforms with mid-weight bbs and 2) when firing at longer ranges your bbs will lose a lot of their power resulting in hits having little to no felt impact.

In part 2 of this post (which I’ll post up later) I’ll go into the upgrades I plan to make as well as the components I have picked up.


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