MVD Impressions (WIP): March 27th, 2016

Another day. Another Russian Uniform, and rig to boot. Here it is, in its full glory. I’ve always admired the SS-Leto pattern by SPOSN, and enjoy running it in mixed lighting conditions, as we’ve been having in the Spring.


SS-Leto is one of the more well known camouflage schemes available to a lot of people, and has been in use well into 2003 by FSB, Interior Troops (MVD), and regular Spetsnaz forces. It gets its origins from World War II, from the SS, which is a little disconcerting. But if the Russians use it, there is a damned good reason for it. It works.

The breakdown of my kit is as follows…

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU):

  • SSO/SPOSN Gorka-E in SS-Leto (From GreyShop)
    • It’s baggy, and unlike the Digital Flora variant, it uses the same fabric as the Sniper Uniforms you see a lot of Milsim West Russian Impressionists use, which makes the uniform surprisingly light. It’s good to use well into Spring, though I might switch to Sniper Uniforms soon when I can.


  • SSO/SPOSN SMERSH Rig (2003 era)
    • Russian Tourniquet wrapped around the Gunner H-Strap
    • Leather Holster (issued)
    • Medical Pouch (horizontally mounted over the dump pouch) to hold Makarov Mags. There are better ways, but I don’t feel like spending that much money
    • Random Condor Dump Pouch (SPOSN makes their own, but they look the same, and have the same function
    • Team Patch on the left side of the H-strap (Team RICE represent)
  • SSO/SPOSN Panama MDL (Bucket Hat in SS-Leto) (Not-Pictured)
  • Solomon Mountain Boots (solid as hell, and continue to impress me)
  • SPLAV X-Form Kneepads
    • These are surprisngly small, and durable. How long they will last? I will have to see. I can be very abusive when it comes to knee pads. Never had one last more than a few months.

Blaster (Airsoft Marker):

  • LCT AK74M (Upgraded)
    • Fully upgraded to my liking. I’ll do a break down of the build if people are interested, but it’s consistent with an effective range that is good enough for me. Which in the end of the day, is all I need. Not about the gun, its the player
    • Plum Coloured G&P Mags (they feed / fit the best. And have the best build quality that I can get at a decent price).
    • Russian Sling (issued)
  • (Not Pictured) LCT VSS
    • This is another purchase that I wanted to make to fill in the DMR role missing in my collection. It isn’t shooting correctly, so until it does, I won’t be fielding it.
  • (Not Pictured) WE Makarov
    • This is a surprisingly fun gun, and effective weapon to shoot. WE doesn’t have the strongest reputation, but once you get passed it’s passed builds, you realize that it’s a pretty damned good gun.


This is a surprisingly easy impression to do. All I need to get is a giant helmet, and technically I’d be set. The only thing that makes it difficult to make these impressions legit is the sparsity of the proper SMERSH rigs (Avizent Coloured).

I got lucky with mine because it was sold by a guy for a steal of a price (150 cad). But for those who are just getting into Russian Impressions, and you don’t mind being the one guy with the new-gen stuff (and assuming people can look over it, and aren’t anal about appearances), Russian Loadouts are surprisingly easy to do. Just as long as you don’t mind sending your money to questionable Russian retailers. And don’t mind the long wait.




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