HM AK Optic Mount

While I’ve been kind of quiet on here as of late, I have certainly not stopped buying.

This item at least wasn’t a week (or two or three or four) of Kraft Dinner’s worth of saving those (now-obsolete) pennies for – the “real steel” mount would have been – but this mail order (and accompanying pictures) showed up a couple of months ago.


Those of you who are keen on American AK parts may recognize this as resembling one of the most highly regarded side mount designs on the (US) market.

The mount set shipped from Taiwan & included a few optic mounts: short picatinny rail, T1-ish mount, and a 30mm ring. I’ve purchased a different mount set from this brand before – while the fit and finish is about as passable as one would expect when considering the amount you are paying, the metal materials (especially the aluminum) aren’t as horribly soft (think: warm butter) as you typically find in most airsoft products.

IMG_0936 (1)

Fitment between the optic mount component & side mount itself is not as bang on as I had been crossing my fingers for – but I was not disappointed as this is about what I expected for the price. With the built-in adjustment to the clamping action, it does fit just fine onto an LCT AK74 side mount. Will it hold a zero if beat on just like the real one? I would be surprised if it even came close. But does it work for airosft & AEGs? Sure does – not like any airsoft gun is pin-point precise anyway.

IMG_0937 (1)


Let’s face it – the biggest question in the end of the day for any airsoft gun is does it look cool? Oh yes, definitely. Not to mention that cowitness-height with a non-specific 30mm tube over an AK receiver without having to make do with the rattly dust cover design is a huge win in my books.


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