Planning for 42hrs Scenario: Part 1

With an upcoming game here in BC in a pretty cool 100-acre venue (and only a few hours drive from home) coming up this weekend, the following is a rough draft of my WIP packing list:


Note this is not a complete packing list yet – one intentional omission is the clothing that I’ll be wearing. I’m primarily missing a day pack (TBD) to carry the secondary hydro reservoir and some of the smaller non-essentials – or so my plan goes.

Additionally, I will have a larger bag of back-ups, tools, additional supplies & water that I will not be carrying with me onto the field. As this game is being advertised as a “scenario,” players are being allowed to walk off the area in play if they so desire for sleep breaks & the like; as such, items stored outside of the game are still somewhat accessible. Players are also allowed to play for as long as they would like – which is what I’m planning for.

Irregardless, it should be fun to run around & sling plastic in what is more or less a ghost town – I’m interested to see what this organizer may be capable of on a much larger scale of game.


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