I’ve been bit by the AOR1 bug again!


Recently I have been bit by the AOR1 bug again; being on a budget I looked for some decent replicas out there. After some searching I found a small and newer company named Hellfire Development. I picked up a MMAC and an assortment of pouches. Though I already have a LBT 6094 slick and a Toy Soldier 6094, I have always wanted a MMAC because of a few photos used by SEALs in the wild. I was able to ask a buddy to lend me his Eagle MMAC to do a comparison to see the accuracy of their work.




Initial overview of the MMAC it feels well made, but more use with will tell me more. But now the in depth comparison of there colors and accuracy between the Eagle Industries MMAC and the Hellfire MMAC.


On the left is Hellfire MMAC and the right is the Eagle Industries MMAC. As you can see the color of the MOLLE is more “orange/brown” compared to Eagles AOR1 fabric. Hellfire has done a very good job replicating the Eagle Industries MMAC, they even have the quick donning feature. Which I have yet to test as I do not want to rebuild it after yanking the quick release.


The top cummerbund is the Eagle MMAC and the bottom is the Hellfire.  Hellfire has done a good job replicating it, they have added the padding, pull strap, radio pouch and the mesh. Color maybe off but as it’s on the inside its only a small issue.


Top left is the Hellfire MMAC, top right is the Eagle Industries MMAC, bottom right LBT 6094 slick and the bottom left Toy Soldier 6094.


A color comparison between the Hellfire (Left), LBT (Middle) and Eagle (Right). From what I can see Hellfires fabric is very close to the Eagle MMAC than the LBT. However, I feel this is due to the different years the fabric was made Eagles was made in 2012 and LBT was made in 2010. The only gripe I have about the Hellfire is the color of the Molle webbing but I maybe wrong.


Compared the the Toy Soldier (Right) I think that Hellfire has way better color then the Toy Soldier.

In conclusion I am very happy with my purchase of the my Hellfire MMAC. They claim that they use REAL AOR1 fabric, but that is up to you guys to judge. Just looking at the fabric I believe that they did, and that maybe their webbing is too. It may have been a newer production of AOR1 webbing. Though they are late to the game of AOR1 with all the companies that already produce AOR1. But stand on my choice on purchasing Hellfire’s products. Later I will continue my overview of Hellfires pouches.



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