After Action: OP Red Dawn

Now over a month ago, and OP Red Dawn has come and gone… First things first, the AO itself was awesome. I got to play with and against players primarily from other parts of BC and from AB, some of whom were extremely skilled players with awesome equipment. Got to see some old friends from airsoft that attended this game that I haven’t seen in years. I more or less forgot how much fun airsoft can be – especially when compared to the dreary reality that “Drop In” game days have become at my (public) local field – and I had an absolute blast running around a ghost town with friends.

Photo credits to “Loops”

While most of my playing time was in the middle of the night, the following sequence was cut together & shows what was probably my most adrenaline-fueled daytime offensive during the weekend:

My loadout looked a little something like this, with only minor changes the night before:


But let me be frank on this part – without considerable changes to the admin level of organization & planning, I will not be going back to one of these events. Basic rules were omitted, like red lights to indicate “wounded”/”dead” at night or in the dark – while the experienced players just did it because that’s the norm for any other airsoft game, many more were entirely unaware of this convention. Furthermore, there was plenty of confusion over rules that technically were in place but were described in ways that were so vague that neither side quite knew how to play by them. I wouldn’t even say either side was actually cheating or breaking the rules, because the rules (at least the ones that I could hear other players arguing over) weren’t made consistently clear and/or were being supported by the admins in the first place. Logistical things were missed – like actually supplying 2 coloured bands to each player who had signed up for their ticket beforehand, or that the fact that colours of bands are basically impossible to tell on such a thin band & especially so in low light.

TL;DR I had fun because the players made it fun, despite the game itself being a huge clusterf*ck.


6 responses to “After Action: OP Red Dawn

  • T-Smitty

    Would you recommend a chest rig? I have one and I prefer playing a recon type role, but do you think that’s a good choice for milsim?

    • juicy

      Sure, no problem – but IMO, gear is fairly personal. First few factors I consider when shopping around for a new rig would be: how/where you like to set up your pouches, weight/space -related requirements specific to the intended role of the rig, and your budget.

      My EI RRV is probably my most prized chest rig – primary because it fits with the “look” of a inspired-by kit I’ve been working on & updating to more recent reference photos for many years. The RRV shoulder straps have more than adequate padding for how I like to set mine up (in a X), especially since I do feel that there are probably more columns of webbing on there than I actually use. While I still run it regularly, I’ve noticed that it can get pretty sweaty under the front of the rig when the sun is blazing and the ambient temperature is hot.

      The BFG RackMinus is the most recent rig I’ve bought (this is the one I used at this game). It is good for what it does, although IMO it is rather expensive for what I’m using it for (the internet tells me that apparently real guys are clipping them into their MOLLE carriers, rather than running them as a stand-alone rig as I am). Limited columns to attach pouches to does limit how much crap you can stuff onto the rig; more minimalist can mean higher speed, lower drag – but at the expense of being able to carry less stuff on there. For this last scenario, less stuff on there was a good thing, as I really didn’t need to bring much on my actual person during most of our patrols. Running this rig forced me to store more stuff in one of my packs, which helped ease the load on my shoulders for 12hrs at a time of wearing the RackMinus.

      Some of the previous few chest rigs I bought were a few Tactical Tailor split-front rigs with spacer mesh on the inside (Fight Light MAV 2pc + Extended X Harness, and a Rudder RAC H-Harness). If you’re considering going the MAV route, I highly recommend buying a X Harness at the same time – as comfort across the back and neck with the included 2″ webbing is absolutely terrible when worn without any sort of padding. I’m liking the split front on these carry-all-the-things rig as it allows easier donning and doffing (and subsequent quicker access to whatever I have mounted to the rear of the given rig, which is still not a fast process).

      These are some of the highlights from my gear closest – but keep in mind that there are definitely other options out that might serve you better. (As one may guess from this list, I’m not a fan of sewn-on pockets on chest rigs.)

  • KSI cia kid

    Hi Juicy!

    How are you doing?

    Could I have some advice from you?

    I have a TM SCAR-H, can I use a RS Charging Handle/Pistol Grip/Selector Switch?

    Increase the recoil?

    Is it worth getting the extended rails?

    And what accessories do you recommend for CQB/Outdoor games?

    I have access to Laylax and Eagle6 in the UK.


    • juicy

      Hi Seth,

      I’m unsure about the charging handle – though to be honest, I’ve had zero intent to change mine. Any particular reason why you want to change yours?

      In regards to the pistol grip – the TM SCAR-H is an AEG, which like most other AEGs, houses an AEG motor inside the pistol grip. Like the VFC SCAR-H, it can only accept specific motor grips due to the height of the shelf that lines up with the gearbox being different – it will not accept M4 AEG pistol grips. With some dremel work, I fitted a Dboys SCAR-H AEG grip (based off of the VFC) to mine. I will admit that I changed my pistol grip because the cheesy grip plastic was a bit too flimsy feeling for my liking when running around with the SCAR by the pistol grip only.

      Selector switch I cannot speak to. I have not taken my selector levers off, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they were compatible with something else – be it airsoft and/or real steel. I don’t mind the current set up – the full size left side selector lever and right half length selector lever work perfectly fine for me.

      Which extended rails are you looking at? I’ve held longer rail systems on friends’ SCAR-H builds before (mostly VFC AEGs), including a mix of both airsoft and real steel brands (the coolest of which was a modified real KDG MREX M-Lok), but I found that the added weight (and length, in some of those cases) wasn’t worth anything more to me. I personally have the Tangodown Side Rails on mine as they offered me integrated limited rotation sockets (exactly where I want them, and without adding any additional bulk of Picatinny mounted options), while offering a few centimeters more of side panel to fit my palm & thumb a bit better. The drop-in fit for the real Tangodown side rails was a pleasant surprise.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Neo Terra Rex

        Wow Juciy, that’s a heck of response, but I expected no less than that from you tbh.

        There is a nice Laylax Handle, it’s cheap so I’ll try it out.

        Pistol grip is a no go then, roger!

        Selector is also cheapish, I’ll give it a try.

        The Nitro V Booster rails are made for TM, so it’ll be them.
        Need space for my bipod plus PTS grip, then a Surefire on the side, maybe a contor and a PEQ on top.

        Thanks again for a brilliant guide in the TM SCAR, very helpful!

        Will you be covering it more in the future?


      • juicy

        No problem.

        From the images I’ve seen, the Laylax charging handle would reduce the width and hence possibly reduce the chance of snagging – but as I disconnected the mechanism that throws the mock bolt carrier back and forth, I don’t see a reason to change mine. Changing the colour of the charging handle to match wouldn’t be a bad thing, though.

        Ah yes, the Laylax rail extension – I’ve seen one in person before, though I’ve never held one in person when mounted. These are fairly tall in terms of profile – which may work for some hands, but isn’t my cup of tea. These do certainly add a significant amount of rail estate – I unfortunately do not have a good spot to mount my Contour to my SCAR-H as is, and do understand that draw to this extension in your case.

        I will eventually be posting an update to my tinkerings with the TM Next Gens in my collection (3 and counting)… but that might be a while before that goes up. More than likely, the next update I will be posting is a short piece on the AngryGun Vltor-style stock adaptor.

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