Repro “SOCOM556-MINI2” Mock Suppressor

Some markings are present on this model. Read on for more details.

While not particularly deep, they are clear enough for my liking. Whether or not the markings are correct, I do not know. Note that the suppressor body itself has “trades”, whereas the flash hider itself does not.

Interestingly, the flash hider included is the 4 prong model (as was requested by the US military). From what my Google-fu has told me, the 4 prong model is not commercially available from Surefire. Secondly, the SOCOM 2 lineĀ of Surefire suppressors do not appear to be the same as those that appear in the hands of US military personnel. I would have figured that the SOCOM556-MINI2 would have made more sense to come with a 3 prong flash hider instead – but the pictures from the store I purchased this from indicated the 4 prong flash hider, so I’m not surprised at what I received.

The flash hider itself looks good. It uses a tiny set screw to fix itself to 14mm- threads; this screw is tiny enough that I’m slightly concerned about stripping it one day.


Removed the internal “pipe”- this is so that I can install some DIY foam.

Shimmed locking assembly with an O-ring to reduce play forward & rearward when mounted – it worked! While there is still slight pivoting between mock suppressor and mock flashhider, the exit hole on the front end cap of the mock silencer is sufficiently large enough that I have no fear of BB strikes.

Edit 11/23:

The following depicts the current changes I have made to mine (note the removal of the metal pipe, addition of a piece of foam, and addition of an o-ring shim):

After initially publishing this post, I realized that the markings on the body do not line up to the 12 o’clock position when mounted. Further observations have gotten me as far as noticing that the outer body (with the markings) & inner collar part (that is directly in contact with the flash hider) do not appear to be aligned properly during assembly. While they are two separate parts, I can see some adhesive at the outer seam between the two pieces – these are likely a press fit, but may be threaded together & I’m unwilling to smack these pieces any harder than I already have to see if I can take them apart. In the future, I may eventually try to cut a new indexing groove in the body collar piece – but I do lack the proper machinery to do so (cleanly).

TL;DR (as of 11/23) – while not quite perfect, I am still very happy with my purchase.


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