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Repro “SOCOM556-MINI2” Mock Suppressor

Some markings are present on this model. Read on for more details.

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HAO – Round 2

A friend and I made a small order from HAO in late July, from which I got something simple myself – a HAO aluminum 14.5″ SOCOM Profile outer barrel. Not particularly photo worthy beyond the photos HAO has already posted to their social media – but I was pleased to find that fit and finish is exactly as one would expect. HAO used a properly sized steel knock pin, as The Reptile House has mentioned before in a previous post over on his blog. Prior to ordering, I did confirm with HAO that their barrel is spec’ed for a Systema chamber & barrel. As with my previous purchase with HAO, he was extremely responsive and helpful via PM. I didn’t think to check for this before, but to my surprise the HAO 14.5 SOCOM barrel is threaded for 14 x 1 mm CCW flash hiders like a Marui – not 14 x 1 mm CW as on a factory Systema steel barrel. Bottom line – I would readily recommend this to any Systema user looking to shave significant weight off a 14.5″ upper and gain cool points for that SOCOM profile, without sacrificing the tolerances of a Systema steel outer barrel.

But… the really cool (and expensive) part that “Seacrest” (or the handle he actually goes by: “Southpaw19”) bought was a HAO “Colt” M4A1 kit! Markings galore!

Fit and finish is excellent. Systema components actually drop in, unlike most of the experiences I’ve had with metal body kit installations before… I.E. the not-so-great GBB kits from Guarder (supposedly) for Tokyo Marui – just, ugh. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had a previous fitment issue with my HAO SMR for TM HK416 NGRS (that HAO was quick to solve), but this kit went together without a single hitch!

Without going into fit and finish (both outstanding), the markings alone make me wish I could buy one of these kits to call my own:

Note: I’ve left out any photos of the assembled TW before it left my hands, as Southpaw had only requested that I transfer the innards from his Systema for him. Check out his photos for the completed TW – he’s on Instagram… somewhere. Unfortunately, I’m a social media noob and have no idea how Instagram works (I’ll grab a link from him eventually and will edit it in when I do). Edit: see his Instagram here for more photos:

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HM AK Optic Mount

While I’ve been kind of quiet on here as of late, I have certainly not stopped buying.

This item at least wasn’t a week (or two or three or four) of Kraft Dinner’s worth of saving those (now-obsolete) pennies for – the “real steel” mount would have been – but this mail order (and accompanying pictures) showed up a couple of months ago.


Those of you who are keen on American AK parts may recognize this as resembling one of the most highly regarded side mount designs on the (US) market.

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Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Update

Even though I’ve been a little out of the game, I’m still buying stuff to further suit my tastes.

Once of my latest acquisitions is a set of these:


Yes… that is a set of the now discontinued TangoDown FN SCAR Extended Side Rails (FNS-ESR).


Installation was super simple – this is a photo taken from a quick test fit immediately after ripping open the parcel that they came in.

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The Angry Gun Surefire SOCOM Suppressor

After waiting for nearly half a decade someone finally made one, after the release I contacted Angry Gun and grabbed both the 7.62 and 5.56 in FDE.

Since I only just got these suppressors this will only be an overview of them.

While talking to my contact at Angry Gun it turns out that the suppressor straight from angry gun has no markings, while if you order from JKARMY they have markings laser etched on. As of right now only suppressors sold through JKARMY have markings, as they sent theirs out to be processed.

Now onto the suppressor, now the color I can say that it is very close to the WE SCAR H FDE lower. DSC_0473

The latching system has a nice audible click when you turn the ratcheting system, Angry Gun’s system latching system allows for VERY solid QD system.

DSC_0474sf 4 prong

There is one inaccurate thing I can see with the suppressor is that the prongs on the flash hider are wrong. Thanks to the The_Derpy_Guy on DEVTSIX and some more research, turns out the flash hider is correct for the military 4 prong flash hider.

On the flash hider there is a little notch and one on the inside of the suppressor, you have to align these up to ensure tight fit when you tighten down the ratchet.

DSC_0474 arrow

Below I have placed the suppressor next to some accessories to assist in comparing the color. Just a small FYI the color of the rail is not FDE but Geissele’s desert dirt color.


All in all the I am VERY happy with this suppressor the only pet peeves I have is that there are no markings and that the prongs on the flash hider is wrong.

M4 Restoration & Conversion

My King Arms Colt M4 has been one of my most trusted AEG primaries over the past three years. Over it’s life I’ve given it different paint jobs with different patterns,  I’ve tossed a variety of internals and external parts on it as needed but sometimes you need to reevaluate an AEGs purpose in your inventory and either refit it or sell it.

Hit the link to see how I gave an old gun new life.
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6 Seconds

Latest addition to a Glock-ish project I’ve been working on – HM “ALG DEF” G17 Mount in DE. image Continue reading