Planning for 42hrs Scenario: Part 1

With an upcoming game here in BC in a pretty cool 100-acre venue (and only a few hours drive from home) coming up this weekend, the following is a rough draft of my WIP packing list:


Note this is not a complete packing list yet – one intentional omission is the clothing that I’ll be wearing. I’m primarily missing a day pack (TBD) to carry the secondary hydro reservoir and some of the smaller non-essentials – or so my plan goes.

Additionally, I will have a larger bag of back-ups, tools, additional supplies & water that I will not be carrying with me onto the field. As this game is being advertised as a “scenario,” players are being allowed to walk off the area in play if they so desire for sleep breaks & the like; as such, items stored outside of the game are still somewhat accessible. Players are also allowed to play for as long as they would like – which is what I’m planning for.

Irregardless, it should be fun to run around & sling plastic in what is more or less a ghost town – I’m interested to see what this organizer may be capable of on a much larger scale of game.


Overview: SSO Partizan Harness

It cost me an arm and a leg to purchase, from a dealer I had never dealt with before in Russia who frequently sold things within the Rushing Russians Facebook group. But 600 dollars later, and running around town trying to find a Western Union outlet in Downtown Vancouver, I have finally found the rig that I have been searching for years on end. The legendary SSO Partizan Harness.


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Preview: The Most Expensive Rig I’ve bought in Recent Memory (SSO Partizan Harness)

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I did a blog post on a bit of Russian Gear (which I have procured an absurd amount of gear over the past few months). Funny enough, I have a few more Partizan Patterned suits, as well as Sumraks coming in, made with rare bits of camouflage meant for both VDV and MVD inspired loadouts.

So to make up for this, I will be doing a write up on a bit of kit that isn’t made anymore that I managed to procure for a relatively decent price through a seller based out of Moscow. The legendary SSO Partizan Harness (2003-2004).

These aren’t made anymore, and are, at this point in time, collectors pieces. Which I game, like a fool.

It is one of my favourite rigs in my collection, and more than happy to share this with everyone, and will be doing a review as to why it is my favourite rig. For the time being, here are some pictures of it in action.


These rigs found their way to popularity through the use of them in the Beslan School Siege, as well as their popularity with both Spetsnaz and FSB. They have since fell into relative obscurity due to other rigs being available, but for collectors such as myself? They are priceless. There are camouflage patterns as well in use in the pictures above that I might do a write up on, when the time permits.

Till then, fair well.

Goggles, out!

TM VSR-10 G-SPEC – X-Fire, Upgrades and headaches

So in my recent post I showed off the new TM VSR-10 G-Spec I picked up from a local shop. As I said before, I either go all in or not at all. So below is a breakdown of where I picked up my parts, the upgrades parts I picked up and my experience thus far with installing these upgrades and testing.

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MVD Impressions (WIP): March 27th, 2016

Another day. Another Russian Uniform, and rig to boot. Here it is, in its full glory. I’ve always admired the SS-Leto pattern by SPOSN, and enjoy running it in mixed lighting conditions, as we’ve been having in the Spring.


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TM VSR 10 G-SPEC – I’ve got the Novritsch bug

Ever since I started playing airsoft I always wanted to give bolt action spring rifles a try. There was something about the simplicity of their design and complexity to master that got me interested. For most of my airsoft career, up to this point, I had held back due to the price tag associated with getting a bolt action and upgrading it. There of course are plenty of budget paths to getting a rifle and slowly upgrading it. But I’m not really one for just dipping my toes in. If I see something I’m interested in, I’m either all in or not at all.

Finally after years of playing and recently watching many of Novritsch’s (airsoft sniper celebrity) videos I took the plunge.
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Russia does Canada: Loadout for March 19th

It’s been a while since I posted on this site, but for all intents and purposes, I wanted to showcase some new gear that I’ve procured and really enjoyed wearing / using in the past few months.

More details after the break.

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