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Dytac “REM” RAHG replica rail for TM HK416: Installation and First Impressions

Dytac has been all about the rails lately, flooding the market with all sorts of SMR variants in all sorts of colors and lengths. To say they got mixed reviews is a bit of an understatement, with most praising their affordability but decrying the build quality, softness of the metals, and overly sharp edges.

I kept all this in mind when Dytac released their long awaited RAHG replica, or the”REM rail” (REM standing for Remington, the manufacturers of the rail, and not the band) as they call it. With Dytac being the only ones in the RAHG replica game (for now), and wanting to give my TM HK416 a bit of an update externally, I decided to take the plunge. Installation and first impressions are after the break.

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New PTW Upper

Well… sort of. Two “new” uppers – the lower 14.5″ was just a simple swap of barrel nut, rail, and gas block from my other guns. The MK18 Mod 1 style upper (pictured above) is the one that I’d like to show off today (post field test in the snow, hence some rust that wasn’t quite cleaned off entirely yet).


I intended to build this upper with a couple of goals in mind – one of which was weight savings (hence the shorter barrel). The easiest way to shave significant weight from a PTW upper is to get a lighter, aluminum Dytac outer barrel. I’ve got a couple of notes on this barrel that I’ve either learned from The Reptile House blog or through observation of the fit with the other parts in this build. As much as some of you (“Jetlag”) may make fun of me for trying to make a lighter gun, I’m kinda lazy when it comes to slinging around a gun that’s heavier than it needs to be.

As I had a pretty specific look and feel in mind, it did result in some different parts choices – including Prime upper receiver, Madbull MK18 rail, Dytac 10.5 barrel. Internal parts were chosen mainly for testing purposes (hopefully for the better) – FCC Advance Gen 2 hop chamber, MAG Curve Roller (already tested), Orga 6.13 barrel. I’ll discuss these parts further, after the break.

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