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Zip Ties: the poor man’s MALICE clip.

Everyone knows that MALICE clips are really just a way for the evil capitalist tactical nylon companies to get more of your hard earned money. Money that could be spent buying extra tacticool gear from said evil capitalist tactical nylon companies.

Enter: zip ties.

Yes, zip ties can be used like MALICE clips to attach pouches to your molle gear. Just weave them in and out of the molle straps like you would a MALICE clip.


That 7.62 mag pouch was attached using zip ties. Take that, evil capitalist tactical nylon companies.



FastMag + Malice Clips = Geargasm

Did you know… Malice clips fit in the front slots of an ITW FastMag?

Tactical Tailor 1H pouch + 2 ITW FastMags = works like a charm.

Mind. Blown.