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Airsoft in BC: “Kampfer” – Part 1

From the start of my airsoft career, I’ve been interested in where it all started and how the game (as it is played here) has changed over the years. This is a series I’d like to continue to work on – in which local players can tell their airsoft-related stories, from both on and off the field.

This is part 1 of an interview with Jasper “Kampfer” on February 16, 2014.

I do apologize for the horrendous background noise of BB’s plinking off poppers at TJ’s warehouse – we had planned to retake this interview in a quieter environment at a later date, but simply ran out of time before Jasper left.

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Reblog: Helmet update

I’ve been thinking about getting a Contour action camera (instead of a proper camera) and doing exactly this to mount it. Just a quick blurb about André Östergård: I first stumbled across his YouTube channel while surfing on my personal account one night and found a ton of really cool Airsoft helmet cam footage from Sweden… the gear I’ve seen in his videos is totally awesome (as is the guns and footage). I actually didn’t know André had a blog as well until today, but from what I can see, he’s got some really cool stuff posted up there.


Spotlight: Team Interview – Marauders

The above video is the first in a series of Spotlight videos on various things in the community, from individual players to full teams to certain guns/bits of gear that catch our attention on the field.

Special thanks to the Marauders of course for being our first spotlight video; these guys have been a real credit to the sport in the short time that they’ve been playing with us. Thanks also to Dirt for being the camera guy!

You can visit the Marauders webpage (and read more about their hilarious past exploits) at

Look for more vids to come in the following weeks! Let us know if you’d like to star in one.