Airsoft is roughly 90% about looks. That is exactly what we are going to write about – hence, 90% of this Canadian-based independent blog will be dedicated to looking cool on the field, and the gear, guns and accessories you’ll need to attain said level of coolness.

We’re a collection of Airsoft players (primarily) in the Vancouver area of Canada who are more into the military simulation/scenario aspects of Airsoft war games. Our our loadouts are usually inspired by what could be or is currently being used in the real military world. Some of us are working on military impressions (or battle displays, or whatever it is that you may call that in your part of the world), so a good amount of what we focus on will be the cool bits of gear that are in use by those units. Our Airsoft arsenals are vast, as are our parts bins, as each of us thoroughly enjoys tinkering with our many guns to get the most out of them. You may even find the odd opinion or two about Airsoft as a whole hobby and sport.

Overhoppers is the combined effort of all of us as a written, photo and video blog about aspects that we regularly look into while spending time with our hobby of Airsoft. Some of it will be about cool gear, some of it will be about a shiny new gun that we just got our hands on; all of it will be awesome.

Welcome! Come get hopped up on Airsoft with us.



Callsign “juicy”
Editor-in-Chief of Overhoppers Blog

Callsign “dizzy” B21
Fireteam Bro, Team RICE
Contributing Author to Overhoppers Blog

Callsign “Tak”
Fox Company
Contributing Author to Overhoppers Blog


Callsign “Jetlag”
Overseas Correspondant, Hong Kong
Contributing Author to Overhoppers Blog

The photos on this page were taken by local player “Loops” – thanks!


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