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Haul: Pantel Tactical & 92Yankee Surplus


Pantel Tactical: (some minor discrepancies of price online not reflecting those in-store)

92Yankee Surplus:

  • Surefire Helmet Lights Gen 1 & Gen 2 & MOLLE Mount
  • Cat Eye Band Multicam

Haul: 92 Yankee & Rainier Arms

I went on another trip to the USA with my buddy Eddie on July 16 – we went to a variety of surplus and gun stores in Washington State. Purchases I made were mostly at 92 Yankee down the street from an Army base in Lakewood, and Rainier Arms in Auburn.


Yet again, 92 Yankee did not fail to have neat bits for good prices – I would definitely recommend this surplus store to anyone passing through the area who is interested in acquiring US Army surplus. The guy who’s behind the till (I presume he’s the owner, as he’s been there every time Eddie and I have stopped by) can be a bit gruff on first impressions, but he knows his inventory very well and is extremely helpful if you ask.

Rainier is always fun to poke around in. Lots of stuff on their website, and lots of stuff in stock. Though their showroom doesn’t have their full inventory on display, it’s nice to actually be able to see and hold products for a bit before buying them. At least, its better than doing the usual impulse buy over the internet thing that I usually end up doing instead. Customer service has been helpful enough the three times I’ve been in the brick-and-mortar location, though its not exactly anything to write home about (staff has always been busy or distracted when I’m trying to buy stuff).

We also went to Weapon Outfitters in Bellevue, though I didn’t purchase anything there. Roy (owner/operator there) was welcoming as always – showed us some “fully sick” slick rails (as Jester would say), including the Centurion CMR, Fortis REV, KAC URX 3, Noveske NSR, and the Parallax Tactical Rail. He gave Eddie and I his thoughts on the open source KeyMod accessory attachment system, which has quickly become a big thing – both the positive and the negative, and he was honest about his opinions on it (in different applications). Roy is a down to earth guy who also knows what he’s talking about; though I didn’t buy anything from him this time, if you’re looking for AR15 parts just across the border, I’d recommend stopping by his tiny shop in the basement of West Coast Armory Indoor Range if he’s around.

More detailed pictures after the break.

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Haul: DS Tactical


I grabbed these items from DS Tactical on Saturday: UA Speed Freeks, BFG Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch, shock cord. A couple of detailed photos and my thoughts in brief on these items (thus far – only used these for one day total now) after the break.

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Above - the result of an airsofter's shopping spree.

Above – the result of an airsofter’s shopping spree.

I’ve been meaning to make an order from Airsoft Store Canada for quite awhile now. I’m all for supporting Canadian airsoft stores, and their store is well laid out and their prices are more than reasonable. Having dealt with their main rep, Stealth, in some private sales and having seen how active he is on the Airsoft Canada boards, I knew that their customer service, should I need it, was just as good as their prices. With all this in mind I decided to make an order of some small external bits (ACM Surefire MB556K muzzle brake replica, Element Surefire M600c replica, Larue LT752 flashlight mount replica, ACM Troy battlesights), along with some “alternative” hop-up items (Lonex 50D sleeve, HS5 Armory IR-hop kit, Prometheus Flat-hop tensioner) that I’m looking forward to trying out.

Pics and small reviews of the order after the break.

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Photo Dump

Turns out I had a whole bunch of photos saved on my phone that have probably had on there way too long and forgot about. There is pretty much no point to this post other than me wanting to post these photos that I’ve been saving for no reason at all. Bear with me, if you want (I won’t be offended if you don’t).

Magpul PDR-C AEG (by PTS). This was the day they arrived at work – that was a while ago, now. 18-picture photo slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I overspent… again – but let’s just write this one off as a fairly large gift bundle to myself, yeah? … Please just smile and nod.


My Element repro Manta Strobe, post-night game weekend. Broke in the same spot that someone else mentioned (locally) – pretty sure it was “Driftinsti.” I’ve since glued mine back together and will be dummy cording the two halves together and onto my helmet. Lasted 2 days worth of gaming – not the best quality.


Its happening… Contour ROAM 2 – thanks Mom!


Little bit of coercing to/from Eddie at DS Tactical, and I ended up taking home a few more goodies – including this Contour Vented Helmet Mount. Some arm twisting later, and I do foresee some video footage coming to Overhoppers very soon.


I told my bosses that I’d definitely buy this for $0. They laughed and thought that I was joking. No joke, I was completely serious.



Haul(s) March 2013

And so I spent over my budget for Airsoft this month again…



Haul 03/01/2013 – eHobby Part 1

First off, Happy 2013, guys.

So for those of you who don’t know this, I do a lot of ordering from eHobby Asia. I mean, I have spent a ton of money there. More than most Airsofters would feel comfortable discussing, probably – no guns; only parts, accessories, mags, and gear.

Here are the major highlights from my most recent eHobby order:


What you’re looking at are 3 items:

  • Tokyo Marui 40rd Long Magazine for M1911A1 GBB (Silver)
  • CYMA CQB Flash Hider (14mm CCW)
  • DYTAC T-1 Red Dot Sight w/ AD Stlye co-witness QD mount

First impressions of these items after the break.

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