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Hephaestus Stock Adaptor for GHK AK

A reproduction of the VLTOR AK Stock Adaptor design, the Hephaestus Stock Adaptor provides a slightly cheaper reproduction of the real product with some small differences. This is especially good for me, since its easier to import the Hephaestus part for Airsoft than the “real steel” VLTOR part here in Canada (AK is prohibited by firearms law).


One of the reasons why I went with the GHK AK74 GBBR platform in the end was the compatibility with “real steel” furniture, as well as most LCT/VFC parts (LCT external parts are used by GHK on these AK’s) – this gives me the option to install a variety of stocks and stock adaptors to replace the AK74 wood one that I just wasn’t a fan of. I find that with Airsoft guns a full stock is generally a tiny bit too long for me (namely the “NATO” AK stock length). There are slightly shorter stock options for AK (“Warsaw”) out there, but since I wanted to build something a little different, I decided to go with something that would allow for some westernization of the platform.

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Element GFG Mod 0

This one was so cheap that I just had to order it to see if it was a decent enough spare to have kicking around for my beloved BCM Gunfighters Grip (Mod 0) in FDE. Seeing as how most Element stuff can be a mixed bag, this Element EX349 grip was actually (and surprisingly) a decent, cheap clone of the real deal.

As an almost exact clone, the price one of these Element grips can be found for gets the same aesthetic and feel as the BCM Grip. After all, that forward grip angle is probably the reason why most people would buy this grip, so its definitely good enough for what I would imagine most GBB users would need out there (that being said, I’m sticking with my real one).


Textures feel similar – though plastic had more flashing around the inside corners. Plastic did look slightly different, though its hard to tell the difference between two different coloured products for me – I wouldn’t be surprised if Element just used a cheaper ABS rather than the polymer found in the BCM. External finish, dimensions, grip bolt & safety selector detent hole pattern, and hole sizing appear identical on first glance. I did notice however that the trap door locking mechanism was a little bit looser than the BCM original… but the hinge fitment was just as tight so even if the door happened to release, it wouldn’t swing open unless something of mass was rattling around in there. Fitment on a WE GBBR was just like the real BCM – perfect. No BCM marking on the lowest corner of the left side of the grip. No mounting bolt included. I’m not sure if insert for covering trigger guard gap is exact fit or not with the real BCM one – I can’t find either spare chip at the moment. Only available in black.


Personally, having that real part on my WE M4 adds that extra touch of realism. There’s also the peace of mind in that the grip was designed to reliably function on a real gun (much more recoil and potentially much more abuse) – spec’ed way beyond the usage I will probably ever put through my WE.

Update #1: GHK AK74

I’ve recently received a variety of both “real steel” and Airsoft parts to begin the westernization process on my (relatively) new GHK AK74 GBB. This is just a little teaser for the time being – I’ll do short overviews on the individual components after I’ve had a chance to apply threadlocker and torque everything down properly.


In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out a furniture scheme to go with here – all black or a mixture of a more tactical palette? Following the destruction of the stock GHK pistol grip in a week, I haven’t really bothered to get this gun up and running while I’ve been paying it off at work and the weather has been borderline too cold for any GBB.


My AK74 magazines should arrive sometime tomorrow – though I unfortunately wasn’t able to secure a set of black magazines for myself and am now going to have to paint all of them as GHK’s crappy orange ABS attempt at a Bakelite finish is just hard on my eyes. A solid covering of Krylon Camouflage Brown, OD or Black are the options I’m pretty much settled on… but for the time being, I will start with the typical black as a base coat and then see how everything looks when its all in one piece.

Internals will remain stock for the time being – I was pleasantly surprised with this gun’s raw performance when I took it out to the field for a quick test drive before buying it. Consistency and flat range of the BB flight path was really something else that I haven’t yet experienced in a stock GBB, and in fact actually met and exceeded my minimum expectations for an AEG that I would game with on the field.

Review & First Impressions: Pantac Go-Bag



I haven’t made any airsoft-related purchases in awhile, which is partly due to recent resolution to scale back my spending on said hobby. That being said, the above Pantac Go-Bag was a bit of an impulse buy. I had wanted one a long time ago back when I was in the market for a small/mid size pack, but never got around to getting one. When one came up for sale on the ASC forums in like-new condition, I jumped at the opportunity.

Review and initial thoughts after the break.

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Why Play Airsoft?

I’ve been struggling to find any reasons to want to go play the game days that are happening around my area lately.

I mean, I started playing Airsoft in the first place to get that Mil-Sim experience that is quite literally military simulation – both it be pretending to be a special forces door kicking Tier 1 operator as well as being sent out there on grunt patrols. I’m finding that over the past few years (and notably over the past few years), the games being run tend towards the Call of Duty video game style of game play that is just purely about the run-and-gun aspect of getting kills. There are no objectives that are worth mentioning, nor are there any game mechanics that even hint at any degree of scenario.

Its hard to find interest in your sport when your sport just isn’t offering something that is interesting to you.

Here’s hoping that I can find reason(s) to stay interested, as this has been my work and my play (read: my life) for the past couple of years.

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Pencott + SPR = Fun

Pictured: Multicam Boonie, Mk12 Mod1 SPR PTW, Hyde Definition Pencott Greenzone, Pantac 1961A, Oakley SI Assault Gloves, Arc'Teryx Military Kneecaps

Pictured: Multicam Boonie, Mk12 Mod1 SPR PTW, Hyde Definition Pencott Greenzone, Pantac 1961A, Oakley SI Assault Gloves, Arc’Teryx Military Kneecaps

I’ve fallen in love with two things lately: Pencott Greenzone (which works tremendously well at our current field) and my Mk12 Mod1 SPR (thanks mainly to repeated viewings of Lone Survivor). These two elements combined this past Saturday for a very effective loadout that resulted in many a kill and some good times overall playing as a full unit with most of the team. 🙂

(full credit to Dirt for snapping this pic in the middle of a firefight!)

WE SMG-8 x MP7

Monda International (WE wholesale distributor) just released photos of the SMG-8 converted to a more MP7 looking body (or what they will probably refer to as a lookalike of said MP7, as per licensing reasons) on Facebook.

1:1 full-size. Apparently taking pre-orders from their dealers now – will try to get my hands on one through work then.

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