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2 responses to “Affiliates

  • Marc

    Hi! I am from Brazil and was reading your release about shopping in Japan. Since I will be in Japan on the second semester I would like to know if you could give me some hints on how to shop there. Thanks! Marc

    • juicy

      Hello Marc,

      My apologies for the belated reply – especially if your time in Japan has come & gone.

      Bring a cell phone to type numbers out (if you want to know how much).

      Have a fairly good idea of what you are looking for/at – do not expect to be able to communicate in any language other than Japanese. Some stores have webstores that you can browse beforehand to have an idea of what they carry (some sort of map app is your friend in finding some of the more secluded street addresses).

      In retrospect, I would have liked to bring some flag patches from home to give as gifts to those shopkeepers as appreciation for their patience – many of them would love to interact & speak with any fellow hobbyist (especially those who hail from a foreign country & have just as much passion), but the language & cultural barrier can often prove to be quite difficult if not impossible to communicate beyond pointing.

      In regards to communication, keep in mind that the Japanese brand names may not match anglicization of the brand names that the rest of the world may know them by (the best example that I found was the way that I say “Tokyo Marui” means nothing to them over there). Having a few pictures of the brand logos/parts you’re looking for, or being able to point out a part in a parts diagram was pretty handy.

      All in all, I found that being friendly while having a very good idea of what I was looking for made many of those shopkeepers quite happy to have me wander around their stores.

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