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MICH 2000 Update: Round 2

Recently got a pair of FMA ARC Rail Adaptors for Comtacs from “Jester” (thanks bro!), with which I managed to get one step closer to completing this latest helmet project of mine – a cut-down MICH with a hint of MARSOC-inspiration.


My thoughts in brief about where to take this next, as well as a quick run down of my thoughts on the FMA adaptors.

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MICH 2000 Update

I’ve been noticing an increase in helmets other than 2000’s in recent photographs of real MARSOC operators – mostly Ops Core Maritime’s – and decided it was time to do something different with this helmet that was otherwise just going to sit on one of my shelves of no return.


Picked up some Emerson repro ARC rails, then went to town on chopping chunks out of my latest lid project, an Element “Ideal” MICH TC2000 in OD.

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Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU: Unboxing and First Impressions

image_1After my KWA Mark II 1911 PTP decided that it wasn’t going to hop BBs anymore, I decided that it was time to finally invest in a proper (read: 100% reliable) sidearm. I loved the external feel of the KWA pistols, but their performance and internal reliability left something to be desired. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not very big on sidearms in general (and I’ve said as much on these pages), but I’ve always had a soft spot for the venerable Tokyo Marui 1911 platform, and have wanted one since my first days playing airsoft. When the chance came to pick one up, I jumped at it.

Pics of the unboxing and first impressions after the break.

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King Arms M4A1, SOPMOD accessories

With thanks to DXN, I’ve recently been able to finish up my SOPMOD M4A1 accessory kit with a M203 grenade launcher.

Currently, my King Arms M4A1 is sporting the following:

  • barrel-mounted M203 QD with standard 12″ barrel
  • clone ACOG TA31 (I do prefer this QD mounting system over the “correct” thumbscrews that tend to loosen up)
  • G&P KAC-style 600m folding BUIS
  • 14.5″ barrel, with A2 birdcage flash hider with notch for M4QD suppressor
  • Classic Army KAC RAS (differences between KAC RAS and RIS are listed here) from Dizzy’s old CA M4
  • PRO&T functional AN/PEQ-15 with flashlight and red laser
  • VFC CQD rear sling mount
  • King Arms front sling mount (I still don’t know who makes the real one of this)
  • Element VLTOR EMOD stock
  • Magpul PTS trigger guard

Some basic information about the SOPMOD accessory kit and my take on this build is after the break.

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Fireteam Bro MARSOC Impression Day

(L to R: DXN – Bro 23, Jester – Bro 24, me (Dizzy) – Bro 21, Juicy – Bro 22)

It was MARSOC Impression Day today for Fireteam Bro. At the very end of the day we decided to do some tinkering with our guns out on the speedball field we use for a range. I grabbed my camera, and the below photos were a result. Note that new Fireteam Bro member DXN hasn’t had time to put together a MARSOC kit yet, so in the pics below he’s rocking his SEALs impression – complete with AOR2, LBT 6094 slick, and MICH 2001 (all real steel stuff)! His geardo attitude fits in perfectly with Jester, Juicy and I.

Anyway! On to the pics, after the break.

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MEU/VBSS Impression Day

Photo taken on Sept 2, 2012 Airsoft Gear Game Day:

2010/2011 MEU/MRF VBSS kits typically are made up of the following:

  • Sage Green Flightsuits (CWU-27/P on two of us)
  • Repro MICH Helmets with Clone Norotos 3-Hole NVG Shrounds
  • Coyote Brown Gear (predominantly FSBE II)
  • SOPMOD Block 1.5 Blasters
  • 1911 MEU(SOC) Secondaries

Some reference pics are below.

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MARSOC-inspired Loadout


Sometime last year Juicy roped me into doing a MARSOC/SEALs late 2000s impression. I’ve been adding bits and pieces to it here and there since then.The above is the result – kitlist and details after the break.

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