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GGG Minimalist

I picked this one up a while ago from DS Tactical and forgot to do a write up on it. So without further ado, may I present to you my custom Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist Plate Carrier, as I have been running it over the past summer:



  • Grey Ghost Minimalist, Coyote
  • Eagle Admin Pouch, Khaki
  • Flyye Triple M4 Mag Pouch, CB
  • Shoulder Pads from repro LBT6094, painted
  • Z-Tactical Speaker Mic
  • Eagle MBITR Radio Pouch, Khaki
  • TMC Canteen Pouch, Khaki (Source 1L)
  • Pantac Horizontal Utility Pouch, Multicam

Read on for my simple DIY modifications to the Minimalist, and my ideas on why I put pouches where I put them.

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BB Testing

A little something that I’ve had the priveledge of working on at my job – my request for heavier weight, cost effective, (hopefully) highly consistent, biodegradable BB… that actually works in my more picky guns (e.g. PTW, KSC P226). While I have done this for a number of different manufacturers of BB before, both in the search for OEM or “good” brands to carry for this company and my previous employer, I haven’t yet had the chance to make actual requests to change the specs of the ammo.

Checking quality on these & comparing them to other BBs at work looked a little something like this:


Thanks go to “Kampfer” for imparting some of his detailed take on airsoft tech stuff to me… keyword – some. (He takes this to a whole new level.)

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Return to CQB

I recently made my return to the only CQB venue around here, Richmond Indoor Paintball, for the first time in a year.

I’ve got a video from that day coming soon, but in the meanwhile, here’s part of my loadout that I working with for RIP (the next game there is tonight):


  • Systema PTW with MK18 Mod1-inspired upper – 4 mags
  • KJW G23 with clone X300 – 4 mags, Safariland Clip-On Holster
  • ACM MICH TC 2001
  • Flyye LT6094, AOR1 (-ish), equipped with the following:
    • FFI Triple M4 Magazine Inner Pouch, CB
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (right side is for utility – BB loader or flashlight)
    • EI Admin Pouch, MJK (mainly used to carry spare batteries for my primary & lights, also carries a few small bits)
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (left side front mounted for single pistol magazine)
    • BFG Ten Speed Double Pistol Magazine Pouch, Multicam

My thoughts that went into this load out are detailed after the break.

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New gameplay video up

I do apologize that there hasn’t been much activity here on Overhoppers in the past month – I’ve been fairly busy myself and it seems as if the other authors are as well.

But as a quick something to post for you guys, I just finally got around to looking through some of my Contour footage for the first time since May or so. Here’s the first of at least 2-3 videos to come from Omega Ops game days over the summer… Operation Iceback footage will eventually make it through, as well.

For reference, the song is not mine: Coldplay – Clocks (Rogue Dubstep Remix)… damn “Jester” has gotten me started on listening to a bunch of EDM, as a result of overhearing him practice for his DJ gigs.

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