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ASG – Jan 5, 2013

Everything was frosty when I arrived at the field in the morning, but by the time this game had started, the frost had already melted and hence made every surface slippery. Later I found myself in a daze having landed on my back after slipping on a board, and I actually utilized the supine position as I learned from Haley and Costa in Magpul Dynamics videos – something that I never expected.

May your face and elbows rest in peace over the next few weekends off, “Jetlag.”

First test run with new software (thanks Drift for your suggestion many moons ago)… but alas, I forgot to ensure that my Contour lens was oriented correctly. The music I’ve used here is not mine in any form: Linkin Park – Session.


ASG – Oct 27, 2013

Finally got my King Arms M4A1 AEG up and running again – I’ve actually kind of missed running this M4 AEG. Even though my PTW does really outshine it in terms of consistency, range and trigger response, there’s just something about dumping mags with a much cheaper gun that you’ve put uncountable amounts of blood, sweat and tears into that just doesn’t compare.

More footage to come later from the afternoon games, I just haven’t quite finished cutting it all together yet.

Last video for the day:

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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jetlag!

Richmond Indoor Paintball (RIP) – Jetlag’s birthday game. A pain game for him and 4 bodyguards of his choosing; Jetlag’s objective was to stand in place over each X-marked spot on the floor for 5 minutes each. All the rest of the players were given 2 spawns each and dished out a ton of BB’s into us.

Operation Iceback: Patrol Pic

epic picture is epic.

epic picture is epic – make sure you click on the pic to download in high-res goodness.

Above is by far my favorite picture from Operation: Iceback – perhaps my favorite airsoft picture that I’ve ever taken. I took it during Fireteam Bro’s afternoon patrol from the Mill (our HQ) to FOB 3 , as detailed in Juicy’s video below. Way out in front is our pointman Loops, followed by Juicy, Jester, Jetlag, and finally myself. I was rearguard, but I took a quick second to snap this pic before returning to watching my sector.

It really hammers home the size and especially the beauty of the AO. It was a gorgeous place to walk around and shoot plastic pellets at each other, even if we all did more of the former than the latter. For my first “big” milsim, I had a blast, “boring” patrols included.

This pic alone made the total 18 hours of driving worth it.

Afternoon Patrol at Op. Iceback

Fireteam Bro (all 5 of us together: “Dizzy,” “Jester,” “Jetlag,” “Loops,” and me) on an afternoon patrol from team Op-For’s HQ to FOB 3 during Operation Iceback in Golden, BC.

Though relatively uneventful, this is the substance of what my idea of Mil-Sim is; I’m already looking forward to the next event that I get to play that offers me the same simulation aspect that I so enjoy.

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Morning Patrol at Op. Iceback

Morning patrol from my point of view on Op-For team, filmed on August 24, 2013. “Loops” on point, “Jetlag” in command, I was rear guard. “Jetlag” made the decision for us to go silent and off our radios (both Jetlag and I were not wearing headsets) as soon as we disembarked from the insertion by Jeep. We were to patrol the area around the road we inserted along: ISAF sniper teams and SF teams were reportedly roaming the area as per our driver “Sedin,” whom was also our team’s IC. Our patrol was tasked with sweeping the area, finding enemy forces, and marking their positions with orange smoke.

Mission success with no casualties to our patrol! Though… we did manage to completely wipe out a friendly Spetznaz team (wearing black shirts) whom was operating behind enemy lines and was not on comms with our team.

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“Loops” at FOB 3

During Operation Iceback, FTB was positioned at FOB 3. “Dizzy” was co-IC and hence requested to remain at a position forward enough to have a clear view of the battlefield, but far back enough that we would hopefully not be engaged.

In the end, FOB 3 saw no firefights and was mostly used as an over watch position to spot enemy troops and coordinate friendly squad maneuvers. Fireteam Bro “Loops” stands on watch here, as I narrate what we did at FOB 3 (cold meds were a godsend).

More footage to come, I’m just cutting together various clips I took into something that makes sense. I probably won’t be posting everything to Overhoppers, some of the more unrelated clips will remain on my YouTube channel.