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Preview: The Most Expensive Rig I’ve bought in Recent Memory (SSO Partizan Harness)

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I did a blog post on a bit of Russian Gear (which I have procured an absurd amount of gear over the past few months). Funny enough, I have a few more Partizan Patterned suits, as well as Sumraks coming in, made with rare bits of camouflage meant for both VDV and MVD inspired loadouts.

So to make up for this, I will be doing a write up on a bit of kit that isn’t made anymore that I managed to procure for a relatively decent price through a seller based out of Moscow. The legendary SSO Partizan Harness (2003-2004).

These aren’t made anymore, and are, at this point in time, collectors pieces. Which I game, like a fool.

It is one of my favourite rigs in my collection, and more than happy to share this with everyone, and will be doing a review as to why it is my favourite rig. For the time being, here are some pictures of it in action.


These rigs found their way to popularity through the use of them in the Beslan School Siege, as well as their popularity with both Spetsnaz and FSB. They have since fell into relative obscurity due to other rigs being available, but for collectors such as myself? They are priceless. There are camouflage patterns as well in use in the pictures above that I might do a write up on, when the time permits.

Till then, fair well.

Goggles, out!