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(BB) War and Peace

Above is a pic of yours truly taken by at this past week’s Operation Overlord sim at Panther Paintball. Not the most challenging sim I’ve been to, but good times were had flinging BBs downrange with my buds – and these days, that’s all that matters. It was nice to see the majority of the team out there rocking team colors and playing as a unit.

I also won a new AEG (secret for now – look for an initial impressions/review in a couple of months after I’ve gamed it), so that certainly made it worthwhile. 🙂 Many thanks to Paul from the Suicide Kings for generously donating that AEG to the raffle!

The airsoft bug is back…


In Soviet Russia, friend is RPK bipod!


Also: Gorkas! I have officially started my Russian kit.

Russian kit… so hot right now.

Pencott + SPR = Fun

Pictured: Multicam Boonie, Mk12 Mod1 SPR PTW, Hyde Definition Pencott Greenzone, Pantac 1961A, Oakley SI Assault Gloves, Arc'Teryx Military Kneecaps

Pictured: Multicam Boonie, Mk12 Mod1 SPR PTW, Hyde Definition Pencott Greenzone, Pantac 1961A, Oakley SI Assault Gloves, Arc’Teryx Military Kneecaps

I’ve fallen in love with two things lately: Pencott Greenzone (which works tremendously well at our current field) and my Mk12 Mod1 SPR (thanks mainly to repeated viewings of Lone Survivor). These two elements combined this past Saturday for a very effective loadout that resulted in many a kill and some good times overall playing as a full unit with most of the team. 🙂

(full credit to Dirt for snapping this pic in the middle of a firefight!)

Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Days 3 & 4

I am currently visiting Kyoto – Airsoft specific stores are much harder to find here than the previous Airsoft-specific shopping days I spent in Tokyo.


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Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Day 2

A couple less stores visited as I was short on time yesterday evening before the shops close up – though I did spend more time in each, perusing their selections of parts.

First, I attempted to find Mil-Freaks, only to discover that the address was not in fact a walk-in retail store (I later re-read the contact info on their website to discover that they are online business only). Mil-Freaks was of interest due to the producr line being mostly ACM, Flyye, Hong Kong brands and some US-made tactical gear; just the kind of stuff I’m usually shopping for when on my own free time. As with many of the locations I found with Google maps for the keywords “airsoft tokyo” for First Japan, this was a residential address as well from the looks of it.


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Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Day 1

These stores are nearby Akihabara Station in Tokyo. Unless stated otherwise, the staff spoke little to no English – and certainly not enough vocabulary to talk about Airsoft. I have the links to these shops and Japanese names on my person right now, but entering them on WordPress mobile app is way too hard to figure out at the moment. I can edit those in when I’m back home later.

Radio and other small elecfrical components in bazaar like shops in multilevel buildings – I was looking for connectors for my radios and antennas, but apparently the adaptors I’m looking for must not be that common.


Read on after the break for the actual airsoft stores.

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Operation Iceback: FOB 3

above: the stuff airsoft dreams are made of.

Above: the stuff airsoft dreams are made of.

This is the first of what will likely be a ton of Operation: Iceback related posts from Juicy and I – I still have a ton more pics to sort out and I’m sure Juicy has gigs of footage from his Contour that he’s likely editing as we speak. For now, this post will contain the pics I took while stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) 3 – our initial starting point and what would become FTB’s “home” for a majority of the sim. To quote Jester, those first couple of hours felt a little bit like Starcraft, as I redeployed squads around wherever they were needed around the AO.

And yes, I felt like a boss.

More pics of FOB 3 after the break.

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