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Initial Impressions: Tokyo Marui HK416D Recoil Shock

May I say first off – this is a very cool gun.


More photos and some preliminary thoughts are after the break:

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WE M&P Hop Up Fix – Part 2

Instructions on how to fix the WE M&P (full size) hop up issue – no adjustments in the dial.


Step 1: Acquire WE hop up arm & adjustment dial from WE M&P Compact (I will be ordering in some at work).


Step 2: Install and enjoy a working adjustable hop up.


But seriously… read on after the break for a slightly more technical analysis of the new parts from WE in the M&P Compact.

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Chairsofting… in AOR2!

Well, maybe I wasn’t chairsofting. I was providing security for the BBQ, and the delicious, delicious ribs it produced. A job well done, if I may say.

Shooting Drills at AA01’s Range

I practice drills on occassion in order to hone my shooting skills. This one in particular is called “El Presidente” and involves 3 silhouette targets. The basics of this drill are that the shooter fires 2 shots into each of the 3 targets, reloads, then fires another 2 shots into each of the 3 targets. I didn’t do it exactly the way I’m supposed to (10m to targets, targets spaced 1m apart, 6 rounds per mag), but rather used what was already set up in front of me. I did add other modifications that I’ve seen in videos before.

According to Wikipedia, “El Presidente” is often used as a benchmark to compare a shooters skill to. Sub-10 seconds is apparently to be considered “good” (though I’m not sure how current this is) – I guess I’m considered a good shooter by that standard.

Now, with the three targets, I wanted to try something else. I shot target with 2 to body, 1 to head (“Mozambique drill”) and performed a tactical reload before repeating on the next target. This CQB tactic is something I’m pretty sure is not trained anymore – it had something to do with most shooters being incapable of putting that accurate single shot into the head of a target in the middle of a fight. That being said, I have “Mozambiqued” a few players before in close-quarters situations with Airsoft players who weren’t calling hits – the two in centre mass has gone unnoticed by some adrenaline-fueled players I’ve shot in the heat of the moment, so the one in the head generally gets people to call their hits pretty quickly. Plus… I figured it would look cool on camera though, so I did it.

And then I did this while having to perform emergency reloads instead of tactical reloads – I recorded these two drills mostly to see how much faster it really is for me to perform a tactical reload instead of an emergency reload:

ATTN Jetlag: HurricanE SR47 Kit

Listed on eHobby Asia at the price of: USD$498.00

Probably not the first time you’ve seen this in stock, though. eHobby is not the fastest at getting the latest and greatest in stock.

New Gear: Umarex HK USP Mags

Umarex HK USP .45 Gas Mags

New mags for my KWA HK USP .45

I purchased my KWA USP last summer from another airsoft player (Loops) and have had a blast using it. A reliable secondary that’s perfect for CQB. However over time through wear and tear my old mags started to become inconsistent. Mags weren’t feeding, gas was leaking. But today my order from eHobbyAsia arrived, two brand new gas mags for the USP. Continue reading

LOLWUT: HurricanE Shrike Machine Gun Conversion Kit

What the heck has HurricanE come up with this time?

Yup, on my second look at it, I think I did see things right the first time – M249-esque upper on a M4/M16 lower. Uhh, sure, why not?

Oh HurricanE… you and your Shrike kits.

(I’m not in any way claiming that this creates the “look” that I’d go for.)