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After Action: OP Red Dawn

Now over a month ago, and OP Red Dawn has come and gone… First things first, the AO itself was awesome. I got to play with and against players primarily from other parts of BC and from AB, some of whom were extremely skilled players with awesome equipment. Got to see some old friends from airsoft that attended this game that I haven’t seen in years. I more or less forgot how much fun airsoft can be – especially when compared to the dreary reality that “Drop In” game days have become at my (public) local field – and I had an absolute blast running around a ghost town with friends.

Photo credits to “Loops”

While most of my playing time was in the middle of the night, the following sequence was cut together & shows what was probably my most adrenaline-fueled daytime offensive during the weekend:

My loadout looked a little something like this, with only minor changes the night before:


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Montage, Panther “Drop In,” 09/17/2015


Finally got around to rebuilding my PTW’s motors & took it to go play.

Had some Marui Recoil  fun with my HK416 Next Gen as well!

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Operation: Iceback 2.0 Footage

My footage from UCSG’s Operation: Iceback 2.0 from August 22-24, 2014.

Some occasional foul language. If you happen to have children around, I recommend the technique of “earmuffs” (as per the movie Old School):

But without further ado, onto the part that you’re actually here for:

Part 1: “Chasing Ghosts”

Part 2: (I haven’t thought of a cool name for this yet, since this was mostly those of us BC players screwing around)

Part 3:  “Come Get Us”

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Montage #1 – Airsoft Summer 2014

I’m slogging my way through weekly Contour footage dating as far back as May (I really should have gotten on top of this sooner). I’ve slimmed the remaining footage down to about 5 hours worth of clips from local airsoft games during the second half of the summer (Montage #2), then that video will be followed by footage from Operation Iceback 2.0 (Montage #3) – finally. Irregardless, here is part 1:

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New gameplay video up

I do apologize that there hasn’t been much activity here on Overhoppers in the past month – I’ve been fairly busy myself and it seems as if the other authors are as well.

But as a quick something to post for you guys, I just finally got around to looking through some of my Contour footage for the first time since May or so. Here’s the first of at least 2-3 videos to come from Omega Ops game days over the summer… Operation Iceback footage will eventually make it through, as well.

For reference, the song is not mine: Coldplay – Clocks (Rogue Dubstep Remix)… damn “Jester” has gotten me started on listening to a bunch of EDM, as a result of overhearing him practice for his DJ gigs.

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Dr. Tran

What happens when you tell “Jaws” that his helmet isn’t entirely kosher for the kit he’s been working on?

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LCT AS-VAL Unboxing Video

So recently after the winter hiatus I got back into airsoft, kicking off the spring by picking up LCT’s AS-VAL.

Below is a short video of the unboxing when I received it from Julian at Airsoft Gear back in May.

The gun is built solid as a rock, as you would come to expect with LCT’s build quality. Most of the components on the gun are made of high quality steel, everything from the suppressor to the receiver and the stock. It certainly adds to the weight of the gun but its not overbearing. After about a month or so of fielding the  gun it definitely lives up to the LCT  internal quality. In the time I’ve had it I haven’t done any upgrades to it, its bone stock and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With the stock build the gun can effectively reach out to 180 ft +.    Currently I have no plans to upgrade the gun until something breaks, but something tells me that will be a while.

Additionally the  AS-VAL features the rail bracketing system allowing a User to install a scope  mount onto the side of the rifle easily. On top of that LCT has just released suppressor rail adapters which allow the user to add a vertical grip, flash light or other accessories to the front end of the gun.

The only con I see with the gun, which is incredibly minor, are the mags. The AS-VAL has proprietary mags so you need to order the specific mags to run the gun. Currently LCT only has low-cap mags at 50 rounds each. While King Arms, G&G and Echo 1 all have AS-VALs or VSS Vintorez on the market  I haven’t had the opportunity to test out compatibility. On the plus side, the mags are just a little larger than M4 mags and can easily be run in M4 pouches.

Later on  I’ll add some more photos for detail.