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Nov 25th ASG Game Day Gallery

(above: Juicy and Jester of Fireteam Bro making money.)

I not only carry a primary and secondary on the field – occasionally, I carry a tertiary… my DSLR. When the primary and secondary went down, I switched to my good ol’ Nikon. Links to the full gallery (including fellow airsofter “Dice” looking like a bawss after he got a bleeder to the face) is below:



VFC/G&P 416 After-Action Report


See how there’s a barrel condom on that gun? Well, that’s because I didn’t use it very much.

Find out why after the break.

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Loadout 11/24: Slick + Hunting Camo

Ran hunting camo with my new TMC Slick set-up this past Sunday. Found that 2+1 primary mags (2 on rig, 1 in gun) actually works pretty good for me. It’s just enough for most firefights or periods of time that require me to be ready to fight – anything more and I’m loading mags directly from my pack or bumping fresh mags from the top of my my pack, and onto my rig (empties go back into the bottom of my pack).

Turns out my Dboys HK416 finally screwed up – the motor height adjustment screw & bushing basically fell apart while I was running and gunning… Finally found an excuse to run my LCT AK104 again, and man, I have missed that gun. Carbine-length barrel with AK controls and side-folding polymer stock feels amazing – that’s why I bought it in the first place. Question – should I paint my AK and wear it?

Anyway, kit list is after the break.

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Magpul PTS PDR-C – coming soon?

(above: Magpul PTS PDR-C  prototype – pic courtesy of Popular Airsoft)

Popular Airsoft is reporting that Magpul PTS’s long awaited PDR-C AEG is nearing release – or at least, it looks like that way. For those not in the know, the PDR was Magpul’s attempt to create a PDW type of weapon that fired the 5.56 round. Unlike the ACR, the PDR never made it past the concept stages as far as real steel goes; Magpul PTS, however, saw potential in the design for airsoft.

It’s an interesting design, to say the least – it looks a bit like a Magpulized P90, with the benefit of being able to (presumably) use the M4 STANAG mags that everyone has a dozen of. The fact that the gearbox is almost completely proprietary may turn some away, but there are plenty of people (myself included) that will buy anything that comes out of Magpul’s doors. Might make a nice CQB/secondary weapon.


Haul –

(above: Airsoft Park order. No, the stuffed Tactical Elephant was not part of the order.)

Seeing “Item successfully delivered” on your computer screen is probably one of the things airsofters most look forward to. It means you have awesome stuff waiting for you when you get home. This particular box of awesome stuff came from Airsoft Park.

Juicy turned me towards Airsoft Park awhile back. The prices are more than reasonable, and include shipping, so I figured hey, why not, may as well give it a shot. I placed a small order – only three (cheap) items, nothing fancy – as a sort of test order. I have to say I’m pleased with my purchases, although the shipping could have been quicker. Alas, it’s not Airsoft Park’s fault, as Canada Post (boo, hiss) kind of dropped the ball on this one.

Details on the order after the break.

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New Build Preview: VFC/G&P HK416

I’ve been in the market for a new SBR-length full-auto AEG build for awhile now. I had a lot of the parts already – I had bought a high-speed gearbox from ASC and had salvaged some Magic Box/Modify parts from a G&G gearbox I had lying around that I pulled from an M4 I had bought awhile back. I had an Element High-Torque motor from that same build, and a friend happened to be selling his VFC 416 conversion kit… so my choice for my next AEG build was pretty obvious.

General thoughts on the G&P gearbox and VFC externals after the break.

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Review: TMC 6094A Slick Plate Carrier with Assault Panel

I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on this cool rig for some time now – or at least since the TMC version came out. Usually, I’m not one to want the latest and greatest stuff, but the LBT 6094 Slick Plate Carrier is something relatively new on the market as compared to the rest of my gear – Slicks started appearing in photos of US SOF (most notably Navy SEALs and Army SF) around 2010.

So here we go – a photo review of the TMC 6094A Slick Medium Plate Carrier Assault Panel (Multicam), as purchased from Note to self, I buy enough shit from that place – I should ask for a sponsorship in the form of new products being sent to Overhoppers for free… for the scientific purpose of writing reviews, of course.

I have to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase. My reasons are in more writing and photographs after the break.

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