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Return to CQB

I recently made my return to the only CQB venue around here, Richmond Indoor Paintball, for the first time in a year.

I’ve got a video from that day coming soon, but in the meanwhile, here’s part of my loadout that I working with for RIP (the next game there is tonight):


  • Systema PTW with MK18 Mod1-inspired upper – 4 mags
  • KJW G23 with clone X300 – 4 mags, Safariland Clip-On Holster
  • ACM MICH TC 2001
  • Flyye LT6094, AOR1 (-ish), equipped with the following:
    • FFI Triple M4 Magazine Inner Pouch, CB
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (right side is for utility – BB loader or flashlight)
    • EI Admin Pouch, MJK (mainly used to carry spare batteries for my primary & lights, also carries a few small bits)
    • VGC Single Pistol Magazine Pouch, AOR1 (left side front mounted for single pistol magazine)
    • BFG Ten Speed Double Pistol Magazine Pouch, Multicam

My thoughts that went into this load out are detailed after the break.

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Operator Modded RRV

Got this MLCS Rhodesian Recon Vest in MJK on eBay at a great price, which fairly reflected the condition it is in.

Note the chopped bib and removed plate pocket & associated bits on the back of the chest rig. As per LegitKit (the eBay seller), the mods were done by the SEAL who used to run this rig before trading it in.


I guess the mods really detracted from the appeal this rig carried for most people, but it is exactly what I was looking for. Less material on the backside of a RRV results in a lower profile – why keep the bib there if you’re not going to use it, right?

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Loadout: Sept. 1st Bellator Entertainment Game Day

IMG_1770I know you’re all probably tired of the Operation: Iceback stuff we’ve been posting lately, so here’s something I haven’t posted in awhile: my loadout from this past Sunday’s Bellator Entertainment game day.

I wanted to rock a plate carrier as I’ve been rocking a chest rig for the past month or two of games (I love my 1961a), and so I settled on my Flyye AOR1 6094a/k. I eventually ended up with something vaguely resembling a SEAL loadout, with the exception of the 14.5″ RIS II (SEALs are more likely to rock a Mk18 RIS II, amirite?).

Anyway, more pics and a kitlist after the break.

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DIY PRC-152 Blade Antenna

A blade antenna... made out of a blade of grass? Get it?

A blade antenna… made out of a blade of grass! Get it?

In the above pic, Dirt shows us that blades of grass make effective PRC-152 blade antennas. Clarity of reception and range of broadcast increased by over 9000 percent.

AOR1 6094 Update

I had to buy two separate rigs to make my one rig. Like a boss.

I had to buy two separate rigs to make my one rig. Like a boss.

My goal all along for my SEALs AOR1 6094 has been to toss the 6094k front plate onto a 6094a, and thanks to a recent teammate’s order (thanks again, Dirt and Mondue!), I was able to finally do that.

The combined rig you see above combines the best of both worlds – the awesome K front plate with the versatility of the A’s well designed cummerbund. As you can see the MOLLE cummerbund allows me to mount a GP on my off side (so as not to interfere with the belt mounted sidearm draw on my strong side). This allows me to mount my BBs/batteries/utilities within easy reach, without resorting to using a pack (although I love my Yote and will still be using it from time to time and especially for sims).

The “wingman” pouches present on the A cummerbund also allow me to carry my radio pouch within the cummerbund instead of having to rely on a separate pouch. It’s still within easy reach should I need to make volume/channel adjustments, which is important during gameplay and especially important if you’re wearing Sordins or other headsets (this is the main reason why I don’t mount my radio on my back like I’ve seen others do).

The A shoulder pads are immensely comfortable and make up for one of the major downsides of the K, which was the thin, non-padded shoulder straps. The A pads also have convenient cable/hydration tube routers, which is always nice to have.


As you can see the backplate is mostly bare save for my blade antenna (which was lifted from my MARSOC kit and is purely for aesthetics) and a MOLLE drop pouch which is on there to carry a water bottle. The latter will be replaced shortly with an AOR1 hydro pack. I’m undecided on what else to toss on the back, although some smoke/flash/slap charge pouches seems to be the popular choice.

I think I’ll go with the slap charges. I came up with an awesome idea when discussing this with Juicy the other day – I’ll draw the slap charge from my back like a sword and use it as a melee weapon. Then I’ll shout “you’ve been slapped!” whenever I hit someone with it.

Y’know, because it’s a slap charge. A slap charge. See what I did there?


photo (34)If there’s one thing I learned from running AOR1 this past Sunday at Bellator Entertainment’s game day, it’s that AOR1 is horribly, horribly ineffective right now given how green everything is; I think the above picture illustrates that nicely.

But boy, did I look awesome. Look – even Dirt (in the background) approves.

Kitlist (haven’t done one of those in awhile) and general comments after the break.

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Latest Acquisition: Head Gear

So, with Dizzy, DXN, and Jester (Loops will join in too… eventually) of Fireteam Bro heading towards NSW/Navy SEAL stuff, I guess I have to start building a kit to match.

Here’s my WIP lid for a 2010+ SEAL kit.


  • MICH 2001 replica
  • Manta Strobe replica
  • Wilcox L2 replica

Still need to purchase and install an Ops-Core H-Nape strap assembly (or a replica, I’ve had good experiences thus far with the 2 clones I own already).

Not pictured is the Smith Optics Boogie Regulators I picked up BNIB from “Southpaw” a few days ago. I probably lost the Arena Flakjaks I’ve been using until now, so I was looking into extreme lowpro ballisitic-rated goggles (lower profile that I found when using ballistic glasses up until now at the Tsawwassen and Ambush fields means I can actually get proper eye relief from China-made replica ACOGs and magnifiers). I ended up going with the Smith Boogie Regulators namely because Revision Exoshield’s don’t currently come in an Asian fit model and don’t have any integrated vent system – the Boogie Regulators offer both of these options, though it comes with a head strap that I really don’t like (personal preference).

I’m considering a replica Princeton MPLS (… unless I manage to find one next time I’m in the States). And I’ll probably do a coat of FDE paint over everything once I’ve gotten all the bits into the correct spots, as the colour on the repro MICH itself is a little too light for my liking right now.


Reference pics from Silent Professional’s blog after the break.

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