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Mayflower Assault Back Panel Mod1 (MOLLE)

I recently acquired a second Mayflower Assault Back Panel Mod1 of the older generation with MOLLE snaps in Ranger Green in a partial trade (just like the one I already own – pictured below on the left).

While they make look more or less the same, there are some (very insignificant) differences that I figured it might be nice to photo-document – of the once-upon-a-time that I had two of these.

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I’ve been bit by the AOR1 bug again!


Recently I have been bit by the AOR1 bug again; being on a budget I looked for some decent replicas out there. After some searching I found a small and newer company named Hellfire Development. I picked up a MMAC and an assortment of pouches. Though I already have a LBT 6094 slick and a Toy Soldier 6094, I have always wanted a MMAC because of a few photos used by SEALs in the wild. I was able to ask a buddy to lend me his Eagle MMAC to do a comparison to see the accuracy of their work.

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Overview: SSO Partizan Harness

It cost me an arm and a leg to purchase, from a dealer I had never dealt with before in Russia who frequently sold things within the Rushing Russians Facebook group. But 600 dollars later, and running around town trying to find a Western Union outlet in Downtown Vancouver, I have finally found the rig that I have been searching for years on end. The legendary SSO Partizan Harness.


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Preview: The Most Expensive Rig I’ve bought in Recent Memory (SSO Partizan Harness)

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I did a blog post on a bit of Russian Gear (which I have procured an absurd amount of gear over the past few months). Funny enough, I have a few more Partizan Patterned suits, as well as Sumraks coming in, made with rare bits of camouflage meant for both VDV and MVD inspired loadouts.

So to make up for this, I will be doing a write up on a bit of kit that isn’t made anymore that I managed to procure for a relatively decent price through a seller based out of Moscow. The legendary SSO Partizan Harness (2003-2004).

These aren’t made anymore, and are, at this point in time, collectors pieces. Which I game, like a fool.

It is one of my favourite rigs in my collection, and more than happy to share this with everyone, and will be doing a review as to why it is my favourite rig. For the time being, here are some pictures of it in action.


These rigs found their way to popularity through the use of them in the Beslan School Siege, as well as their popularity with both Spetsnaz and FSB. They have since fell into relative obscurity due to other rigs being available, but for collectors such as myself? They are priceless. There are camouflage patterns as well in use in the pictures above that I might do a write up on, when the time permits.

Till then, fair well.

Goggles, out!

MVD Impressions (WIP): March 27th, 2016

Another day. Another Russian Uniform, and rig to boot. Here it is, in its full glory. I’ve always admired the SS-Leto pattern by SPOSN, and enjoy running it in mixed lighting conditions, as we’ve been having in the Spring.


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Russia does Canada: Loadout for March 19th

It’s been a while since I posted on this site, but for all intents and purposes, I wanted to showcase some new gear that I’ve procured and really enjoyed wearing / using in the past few months.

More details after the break.

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Dat Gorka.


It’s cold and frosty outside, which meant, appropriately, that it was time for a Russian gear day for the team. That, in turn, meant gorkas, SMERSHs, and other such assorted gear from our frenemies in the East. Huzzah! Closer pic of my personal setup after the break.

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