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“Blackhawk Down” – Dec 8, 2013

Essentially a fancier version of a “downed pilot” objective-based game, this scenario run by Julian “Optix” from ASG revolved around two downed pilots who were initially “stranded” out on the field.

The team I was on was to recover both pilots and extract them back to HQ. The first pilot was extracted within the first 30 minutes of the game, whose role was played by “Goggles.” However, with the 2-to-1 ratio of players against us and respawn rules designed to cycle through their dead players much quicker than ours, it became very difficult to break through the enemy lines to get to the last known location of our second pilot, whose role was played by “Dizzy.”

This scenario game day took place on December 8, 2013 at Panther Paintball. Seeing as how I was out of the country for the past 2 weeks, I only recently finished editing this together.


Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Days 3 & 4

I am currently visiting Kyoto – Airsoft specific stores are much harder to find here than the previous Airsoft-specific shopping days I spent in Tokyo.


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Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Day 2

A couple less stores visited as I was short on time yesterday evening before the shops close up – though I did spend more time in each, perusing their selections of parts.

First, I attempted to find Mil-Freaks, only to discover that the address was not in fact a walk-in retail store (I later re-read the contact info on their website to discover that they are online business only). Mil-Freaks was of interest due to the producr line being mostly ACM, Flyye, Hong Kong brands and some US-made tactical gear; just the kind of stuff I’m usually shopping for when on my own free time. As with many of the locations I found with Google maps for the keywords “airsoft tokyo” for First Japan, this was a residential address as well from the looks of it.


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Airsoft Shopping in Japan – Day 1

These stores are nearby Akihabara Station in Tokyo. Unless stated otherwise, the staff spoke little to no English – and certainly not enough vocabulary to talk about Airsoft. I have the links to these shops and Japanese names on my person right now, but entering them on WordPress mobile app is way too hard to figure out at the moment. I can edit those in when I’m back home later.

Radio and other small elecfrical components in bazaar like shops in multilevel buildings – I was looking for connectors for my radios and antennas, but apparently the adaptors I’m looking for must not be that common.


Read on after the break for the actual airsoft stores.

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Name that airsoft gun!

Let’s play a game…


Here’s a hint – old school gas gun.

Thanks to AA01 for showing me this gem.

First Glance: WE MSK

A neat GBBR was unpacked at work today – the WE ACR… erm, I mean “MSK” (limited edition with markings)!

In summary – feels nice, looks nice. Remington-style handguard is awesome and is sort-of compatible with PTS Masada – would only require shimming, but still do want. Hop up chamber and design looks to be exactly the same as the 2-piece unit from the WE M4 Open Bolt/Open Chamber design. Selector switch very tight and thus hard to manipulate. Redesigned trigger group from M4/SCAR/PDW unit. Included reproduction of CR123A battery storage grip core out of the box, a nice touch. Pistol grip feels wider than it should be – its even wider than the PTS Masada one. Stock doesn’t extend automatically when you pull back on it, unlike PTS Masada series – I prefer it this way. Recoil spring feels very light. PMAG-style polymer magazine is just V2 WE Open Bolt/Open Chamber magazine innards, and externals are compatible with PTS PMAG baseplates (with the exception that the hole for fill valve doesn’t line up quite right with Masada AKM magazines) – thus would be compatible with PMAG Ranger Plates.


380 FPS on 0.20g BB and Puff Dino Green Gas; fired inside unheated warehouse, outside temperature about 0 degrees Celcius today and as low as -6 last night. Functions pretty well with relatively low cool down even in cold temperatures, partly due to light weight recoil spring and possibly due to thermal properties of polymer outer magazine shell. Minor cycling issues especially noticeable on full-auto, choppy fire rate – possibly due to rough edges from flashing on both bolt carrier and hammer.

More pictures snapped at work after the break.

HVT Extraction – Dec 1, 2013

Footage captured during the scenario day run by Airsoft Gear’s Julian (or “Optix”) at Panther Paintball in Surrey, BC on December 1, 2013.

Game revolved around Julian as an armed, hostile HVT – 2 opposing teams to find, capture and extract the HVT to a secret location. HVT was on a separate, open radio channel from the teams and would freely announce his current location on the field when prompted by either team.

Part 1: locating and securing HVT

Part 2: forming a Plan B and extracting HVT

Well worth it. Its about time that someone started running objective based games rather than the run and gun style of game days that everyone has been running throughout the Lower Mainland area of BC over the past 2 years… this was the most fun I’ve had actually playing the game of Airsoft in over a year. This was really just a simple scenario underneath it all, but the logistics were handled well and the players (at least, those on my team) all had the same objective-based mindset.

After this game, I’m actually looking forward to going to go play this coming weekend… for the first time in many, many months.