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PAC – Nov 24, 2013

Featuring “Kampfer,” “Mouse,” and “Yammo” as my squad mates, the 4 of us dominated the field during the “BF4” Panther Airsoft Scenario. Objectives for this rotation as team China included protecting 4 hostages, moving the hostages from location to location, and destroying a predesignated boat. Destruction of the boat would gain us a significant number of points that would set us well ahead of any of the other teams should we accomplish that, so that’s what our squad set out to do.

Throughout the day, each team rotated through each set of objectives as one of the 3 sides of the battle. Each game was supposed to go 90 minutes, but that didn’t exactly happen – though I didn’t mind. We still kicked butt.

I’m not going to claim that Chris from Panther knows how to run the best Airsoft games around – rather, the past 2 scenario games he’s run have just been paintball scenarios but with Airsoft guns instead – but I still had fun.


Mil Done Right #16 – TFV Purvins’ MARSOC CQBR

Fully sick!

The Reptile House

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My overriding impression of Sweden is one of things being done properly. Properly planned, properly thought through and properly implemented.

So, it’s no surprise that a good proportion of blasters in the blog’s Mil Done Right series have been carefully built by Swedish owners. Not only that, but Swedish teams are amongst the finest impressionistas in the world. They don’t just focus on kit, most make sure their blasters are (a) PTWs and (b) obsessively crafted. Win/win.

I’ve wanted to cover TF Valkyrie for quite some time. As a team they have been inspirational and, in particular, their trade mark 416 conversions were one of the catalysts in my own 416-lust. As some may know, it was Purvins who painstakingly converted GBB uppers to get the team’s look. Back then, conversion was the only method of obtaining a 416 upper for a PTW, well before 416 kits were commercially available.

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HSGI Customer Service

This conversation via email with Andrew, a sales rep from HSGI has left me very impressed with their customer service and warranty policy with prompt, straightforward responses.
I’ve copied email messages sent back and forth between myself and Andrew from HSGI down below after the break. Some messages were edited for brevity or removed to protect personal information.

News: Ace1 SAI Style Parts for WE M&P

Ace1 Arms from Taiwan is at it again, but for the WE M&P this time – Salient Arms International style slide sets and SAI flat-faced trigger groups are coming soon. News comes from Ace1’s Facebook page, where preview photos and videos of an installed slide set and trigger on a WE M&P have been released. CRW Airsoft from Hong Kong has the Ace1 SAI parts sets for WE M&P available for pre-order (estimated availability in early December).

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TMC Strandhogg Plate Carrier

Despite better judgement, this was a bit of an impulse buy. Many issues with a potential clone First Spear rig have been noted across the board when this was first announced – notably durability issues if lesser materials were used for the repro version of both 6/12 and Tubes.


For whatever reason, I still ended up ordering a TMC Strandhogg Plate Carrier (CB) from EBAirsoft – I was having a hankering for something new (namely a new rig) at the time that I ordered it. Despite having previously made up my mind that I would not purchase one, I figured it would be at the very least something nice to put up here on Overhoppers Blog. Here’s hoping that this (preliminary) review is something worth reading for you:

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Princeton Tech FRED

I finally got frustrated with walking around in the dark during night games over the past 3 years at both Panther and Ambush fields, so I picked up a headlamp in preparation for Op. Iceback back in August. This resulted in my purchased from DS Tactical – my very own Princeton Tech FRED in Tan.


Batteries included – Duracell’s at that. This is a good start, especially at this price.


Controls are simple – one button does it all. Bracket can either be mounted to included head strap or locket onto 1″ webbing (MOLLE included).


Battery cap on the left – three AAA batteries. Head strap has elasticity and is adjustable (adjusts large enough to fit over a helmet), very comfortable.


Red light (2 levels). When switching through illumination modes – first click puts the dimmer setting of the red light goes on, whereas a double click will activate the brighter red light setting.


White light (2 brightness levels). White illumination settings can only be reached by pressing and holding the button, dimmest first. Depressing the button and turning it to the white settings, then quickly pushing the button again will get the brighter white light.


While debating between the FRED and the Petzl Tactikka line up, the guys from DS brought up the fact that the red illumination on the Tactikka is accomplished by a flip-down filter. The filter, though not commonly reported, is a separate part of plastic – it could break. The FRED just uses separate LEDs for the different colours; 4 diodes- 1 red, and 3 white.


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Preview: GHK AK74

I’ve had this GBBR platform from GHK in my collection for nearly a month now – but with way too many other guns to play with, no extra mags to game with (not practical for the fields I play at) and a recently broken pistol grip, I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything else with it as of late.


Thanks to local player “Kasrkin” (pretty much the most knowledgeable local guy when it comes to the GHK AK 2011+ platform), I found out that the GHK AK-74 GBB is part of the “Plus” line-up that includes the steel outer barrel installed from the factory… Following one of the two selling at work, I figured I should pick one up for myself before the second one sold out.

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