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Geargasm: Vltor CASV-M + Magpul MVG


Here’s a pro tip: a Magpul MVG can mount directly to the Vltor CASV-M using one of the included screws for mounting rail sections, and one of the rail section screw holes. There’s no need for the foregrip retaining plate to the mounted to the inside of the rail unit, either. The result is a slick foregrip mounting solution without the need to mount a rail section first, and then a foregrip on top of that.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the CASV-M is the hipster of rail systems. It was a slick rail system before slick rail systems were cool. Also, it thinks that Keymod is so mainstream, and that real rail systems just screw stuff on…


G-Code HSP D3 Carrier

G Code HSP D3 Carrier

Photos taken from and G-Code’s Website.

It’s not often that I get really excited about a new piece of gear but this popped up on Popular Airsoft today and my jaw dropped. For the past year or so I’ve solely run plate carriers and chest rigs and have never dabbled in low drag belt systems. I’ve always wanted to try out a belt or drop leg system but haven’t had the opportunity or free funds to acquire one. But today after taking a look at the G-Code HSP D3 Carrier I may be sold.

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Geargasm – Carrying a Secondary AEG in your Yote

photo (1)Carrying a second AEG onto the field is something I really only do during longer sims/ops. In the past I’ve just paracorded the AEG onto the side of my pack and hoped for the best. I was considering carrying a secondary AEG onto the field for Operation: Iceback – before I found out that the ammo limits are shared between any AEGs you bring on the field. Since I’d rather not limit my ammo capacity for my SPR, I’ll be leaving the AK back at base until needed.

As I was playing around with my gear I stumbled across another use for the massive kangaroo pouch in my AOR1 Flyye Yote – carrying my AK-104. With the stock folded the gun fits easily into the kangaroo pouch, but still needed to be secured to keep from flopping around…



Enter: a grimloc carabiner attached to one of the many daisy chain loops that run along the top of the Yote, secured to the Magpul RSA on the front end of my AK-104! The gun is now securely latched onto the pack whilst still remaining very easy to access in case of immediate action. This should work in a similar fashion with most SBRs or AEGs with folding stocks provided they have a front-sling point for the grimloc to attach to. I tested it with my Mk18 Mod0 with the stock fully collapsed and the front sling point was just where I needed it for the grimloc to secure onto the front sling point under the triangle front sight.

As mentioned I won’t be carrying the AK-104 with me during Iceback, but this was still a pleasant mini-Geargasm I thought I’d share.


I just caught wind of an upcoming VGC product via Facebook – a “New Jerk PC” in AOR1. This looks much better than how the Flyye offering will likely turn out (mentioned previously here).

Materials look very good, they remind me of those on Drift’s Crye JPC (size medium, Multicam) – though not an exact match from looking at photos, they look much better than what the TMC, Emerson and the newly announced Flyye replicas offer.

The real NJPC’s distinguishing feature is the closed-top lids on top of the integrated mag pouches. These flaps do cover up an extra row of MOLLE, leaving one row exposed. VGC’s current photograph featuring their pre-production NJPC has flaps that are a tad too long – this has been pointed out by a few people on VGC’s Facebook page already.

VGC posted this second photo with the following description:

VGC new product 2.0 ” AOR1 NEW JERK PC”

**preproduction sample only**
***Molle and ribbon color will be fine tune***

((Coming before fall 2013))

It does look very good, I think I’ll wait for one of these instead of a Flyye 6094 in their semi-believable AOR1 pattern. Honestly, I’m not too comfortable with a 6094A design. Same goes with the 6094B. Only reason why I like them is the integrated mag/radio pouches in the cummerbund and the large, velcro-lined kangaroo pouch.

Though I have not yet fully tested a JPC, I really do think that I would enjoy using a JPC way more. That being said, I prefer wearing size large plates, so here’s hoping that VGC produces their NJPC in large! (The sizing of their AOR2 6094 Type A has some conflicting information out there on the internet, though Spartan.AT’s review does state even though the VGCxFFI 6094 is supposed to be a medium due to the “A” designation, medium plates are a bit loose and that there is probably enough space for a large.)

The VGCxFFI AOR2 pattern I own in my Combat Set looks quite similar to the real deal (with the exception of the black pixels being really, really black), so I would hope that VGC’s AOR1 pattern would have the same sort of repro accuracy. The photos lead me to believe so, at least.

Update: JK Army has these available for pre-order for $135 USD ($145 retail price with $10 discount for pre-order ETA Sept-Oct 2013). Note that the material is 500D as per the product description.

Geargasm: Raven Concealment Systems Moduloader Frames

How the hell did I miss this?

(Above picture from Soldier Systems Blog)

Drop and offset/subload polymer frame designed for mounting HSGI Taco pouches.

More pics from Soldier Systems and RCS and some of my thoughts on the Frames after the break.

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Geargasm: Pantac Low-Pitched Waist Pack, aka, the Fanny Pack

The above picture is probably one of my favorite MARSOC reference pictures of all time. There’s so much badassery going on in that picture that the English language is actually incapable of capturing it all – it’s been proven by science. For the purposes of this blog entry, however, I will draw your attention to the fact that the ass-kicker above is wearing a low-pitched waist pack – aka, a fanny pack.

If this dude can get away with wearing one, well, you can too.

Thoughts on my Pantac low-pitched waist pack  fanny pack, after the break.

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Preview: AOR1 kit

photo (20)


Ahh, AOR1 – my new obsession.

I’ll go into detail about the new gear tomorrow. 🙂